Scam: New Phishing Site Using Fake Netflix Site to get Credit Card Details


    Netflix users are alarmed at the new threat that has been looming over the internet. Yet again, a scam where a fake Netflix Support site is constructed to take out credit card details from the viewers. 

    This new phishing scam entails a group of scammers who start off by sending a phishing email to the customer on their registered email id.  According to a cloud office security platform called Armorblox, the scammers send the customer a mail which can be well passed off as the official Netflix Support page.

    The mail states that there has been trouble with the billing system and the customer’s account will be deactivated if he or she does not immediately click on the link provided. The innocent customers on clicking on the link are directed to a page which exactly resembles the official Netflix Support page. 

                                      Scam: New Phishing Site Using Fake Netflix Site to get Credit Card Details

    They are then asked to fill in their credentials, including their credit card details. These pro scammers are mastermind cybercriminals because they create a captcha stage to make it seem even more authentic. 

    What’s even more convincing is that after this entire process has been completed, the fake page redirects you to the official Netflix webpage.  So, you don’t even know that you just got scammed. 

    However, you can dodge this fraudulent activity by locating a few hints that might suggest that it is not the official site. 

    Firstly, the email containing the “Notice to Verification” is not an official Netflix Support page message.  Secondly, you will notice that on clicking on the options saying ‘Help’ and ‘Options’, it will not redirect you to the said pages, but the same page will reload. 

    The other hint is the URL which is instead of 


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