Saints take on Alexander Kwon from 49ers trade

The aggressive approach of the New Orleans Saints continued even towards the 2020 season and they did acquire the linebacker, Alexander Kwon from the San Francisco 49ers. The Saints did so in an exchange of the veteran, Kiko Alonso on a fifth round draft pick’s condition. Both the linebackers seem to be recovering just from their own sets of injuries. While Alexander has missed the game for the previous three weeks as he had got a high ankle sprain, and it is only since the last week that he returned back to practice, we have Alonso didn’t play at all in this season post tearing his ACL in the month of January, and it is only since the last month that he got back to the field all over again.

Alexander Kwon worth with the 49ers

The 49ers had signed Alexander Kwon at $54 million contract for 4 years from the Tampa Bay as a free agent in the prior season. On the other hand, Alexander who is just 26, had got  a torn pectoral muscle at the time of returning for their playoff run. In this way, the 49ers had been shedding salary while they are enjoying the depth of their positions. The Saints is presently standing as one of the NFL’s best run defenses. However, the athletic 6-foot-1, 227-pounder is going to assist their pass coverage at the time of the game play alongside the All-Pro Demario Davis.
alexander kwon
The Coach Sean Payton said it on Monday “the Saints envision Alexander Kwon as a Will linebacker,” wherein he  would compete with the current starter Alex Anzalone for playing time, while Davis will be playing more of the Mike linebacker role. Payton further said that it might be tough for Alexander Kwon to play at the Tampa Bay on Sunday night as it was the five day onboarding process that is needed.

Payton’s opinion of Alexander Kwon

Payton said of Alexander, who had spent the first four seasons with that of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “We’ve had a chance obviously to see this player in our division.” He further said, “It’s adding another player that we think fits what we’re doing. It also gives us another athletic player at that position that can run.
alexander kwon
Also, Payton didn’t agree with Alexander’s pass coverage idea to be his most significant trait, and on that note, he said, “No, I wouldn’t just say that. He’s very good in coverage, but he’s also very good in defending the run game.” He added. “He does a lot of things well. He’s smart, he’s instinctive, he’s a run-and-hit player that has very good speed and instincts.”
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