Robin Williams Documentary film ‘Robin’s Wish’ Acquired By Vertical Entertainment Acquires


    Robin’s Wish is a documentary that tells the story of Robin Williams. This intimate portrait showcases his vulnerable spirit and what happened to one of the biggest comedians all over the globe. It also reveals what was he fighting with and what was on his mind during his last days. It is directed and written by Tylor Norwood.

    Robin’s Wish is now available on Vertical Entertainment

    Recently, Vertical Entertainment has acquired Tylor Norwood’s Robin’s Wish. The company has obtained distribution rights to the documentary that revolves around the late Robin Williams’ last days. Moreover, viewers will be able to see a new side of Williams. It also sheds light on power, beauty, and tragedy behind the Hollywood Comedian.

    It will show how he fought against a deadly neurodegenerative disorder. It is also known as Lewy Body Dementia. The 77-minutes documentary will also feature an interview with Williams’ wife Susan, producer John R. Montgomery, director Shawn Levy, and writer-producer David E. Kelley. Vertical will launch the documentary on digital and on VOD on September 1, 2020.

    Robin Williams Documentary film ‘Robin’s Wish’ Acquired By Vertical Entertainment Acquires

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    Director Tylor Norwood and Susan Schneider Williams’ excitement about the film

    Tylor Norwood stated that he created this documentary to honor Robin’s legacy. He added that it is the time for the world to look into the life experiences of this truly incredible man and inspiring character. He also thanked everyone who was a part of this beautiful story. He hopes the film brings awareness to people about what Williams was going through his last breath.

    Robin’s wife Susan Schneider Williams said that she is proud of the films and thanked everyone who contributed to the production and launch of the documentary. She added that the entire story of what happened to him has been revealed during the making of the documentary. Also, she said that the film answers all the questions, experiences loss and love, and the power of healing.

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