Review: Is Netflix’s teen Arthurian tale ‘Cursed’ good or bad for the audience?


    Have you watched Katherine Langford’s Cursed yet? Are you confused about whether to watch this fantasy series or not? Let’s do a quick read to find it out if it is worth your watch!

    Cursed Detailed Review

    If you are into sword fights with wolves, elaborate sets and costumes, then this series is good for you. Peter Mullan stars as Father Carden, who is the leader of sadistic priests. His main aim is to eliminate all the magical beings in the series. Katherine Langford plays the role of Nimue, who is a young Fey. She is so powerful, that even her villagers are scared of her.

    One day, her entire village is wiped out, which also kills her mother. After learning what happened, she travels to find Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård) to return a mystical sword. On her adventure, she also teams up with Arthur (Devon Terrell). Her appealing character keeps the viewers hooked to the show. Just like 13 Reasons Why, it appears she is meant to lead the series. 

    Review: Is Netflix’s teen Arthurian tale ‘Cursed’ good or bad for the audience?

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    Some viewers have already shared their positive and negative views after the first few episodes of the show. Every show deserves a small chance to prove itself. That being said, we believe that the start of the show is slow, but as it makes its way to the finale, it leaves us wanting for more.

    The acting was spot on and everybody played their roles brilliantly. We were unsure about some characters, but as the show progresses, the characters also grow along with it. Let’s take Merlin for instance, we felt like he played kind of the medieval Jack Sparrow. But at the end of season 1, he became our favorite. Also, fans couldn’t stop drooling over Daniel Sharman’s character named The Weeping Monk, and this tweet is the proof.

    Moreover, Sebastian Armesto also elegantly played the role of Uther Pendragon. The artistic transitions distinguish this series from other fantasy shows. To be frank, Cursed may not be for all the viewers, but there is something, which makes it special. The political alliances and relationships between the characters are explained very well in the ten-episode series.

    However, the plot is a bit complex for the viewers to understand, and dialogues were choppy in the first few episodes. But some jokes and conversations were entertaining and clever in the show. Lastly, we strongly encourage fantasy lovers to give one try to this show. All the plot holes will be revealed in the final episode, and it will be worth every single penny. It will really win you over. If you haven’t watched Cursed yet, then watch the official trailer for season 1 below.

    Head now to Netflix and add Cursed to your watchlist. Also, bookmark our website and revisit soon to find recent updates about the series.

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