Putin claims Russia has developed a Corona virus vaccine.


After being tested on humans for over two months now the locally developed Covid-19 vaccine is claimed to have been given regulatory approval, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. As per Mr. Putin, the vaccine has passed all the required checks and has even been given to one of his daughters already.

As per the officials, they plan to make a mass vaccination by October this year.

Such quick research has raised questions amongst experts worldwide. World Health Organization (WHO) expressed their concerns over compromised safety and instructed Russia to follow all international guidelines in the production of COVID – 19 vaccine. As of now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is in discussion with Russian authorities for conducting a review of the vaccine.

Currently, there are more than 100 vaccines across the world in their early stages of development, out of which a few are under the clinical trials on human beings. There is a list of Six Vaccines at the moment that have been taken into consideration by WHO which will be undergoing more widespread clinical trials before receiving any final say. The Russian Vaccine is currently not a part of that list.

Developed in Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute the vaccine “Sputnik-V” is claimed by Putin to offer “sustainable immunity” against the Corona virus. As per him the vaccine is effective and had passed all the required checks. He even claims that one of his daughters has already been given the vaccine and she is feeling good although she has a bit of temperature increase.

Without specifying which one his daughters took the vaccine, Putin only said that “I think in this sense she has also taken a part in the experiment.”

Using the adapted strains of adenovirus which apparently makes common cold to trigger an immune response the Russian vaccine is known to have cleared early-stage trials with success.

Russia’s first set of clinical trials only began in June-17, considering this it’s safe to say that Russia is fast-tracking the research of the Covid-19 vaccine at a nonacceptable pace. There hasn’t been any safety or immunity data released by the Gamaleya institute in Moscow to support its claim so far. Even the Moscow based “Association of clinical trials organization” – Acto has spoken to healthy ministry to stop the approval of the vaccine until a third-stage clinical trial is been done.

Svetlana Zavidova the executive director for Acto said that just on the basis of combined first and second phase tests on 76 people it was impossible to confirm the efficacy of the drug.


The vaccine will not be approved unless the stage three clinical trials based on international standards is done and then WHO reviews it for more widespread trials. Christian Lindmeier, WHO spokesperson mentioned “Sometimes individual researchers claim they have found something, which is of course, as such, great news. But between finding or having a clue of maybe having a vaccine that works, and having gone through all the stages, is a big difference.”

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