Property Cards Scheme: PM Narendra Modi, 6 States

PM Narendra Modi says that the property cards scheme is going to be a historical move so as to transform the rural areas of India. This is going to give out a provision to all the villagers wherein they may choose to use the property as their financial assets and thus avail loans or other benefits. The PM Narendra Modi launched this scheme, popularly known as the “Svamitva,” or ownership scheme through video conferencing and the beneficiaries for the same include 763 villagers from 6 different states.
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According to the Prime Minister’s Office or the PMO, it is updated that this scheme is going to to help more than 1 lakh property holders so that they can download the property cards via an SMS link that will be sent directly on their registered mobile numbers. Once the beneficiaries are going to receive the link, they will become eligible to avail the physical distribution of property cars that will be done on a schedule that by the respective state governments. This scheme seems to be an amazing opportunity for all those villages who have assets in the form of properties so that they can utilize it wisely to claim other benefits in the form of liquid cash on an instant basis.

Details to be included in the Property card

  • Name of the landowner
  • Survey number of land
  • Area of the land
  • Location
  • Changes in ownership
  • Details of loans taken by the owner from government agencies
  • Details of pending litigations, if any
  • Details of tax levied on the land. This includes paid and unpaid taxes

States holding the Property Cards scheme

As said, the beneficiaries would be more than 763 villages from 6 different states, the names of the states along with the corresponding number of beneficiaries include 221 from Haryana, 346 from Uttar Pradesh, 44 from Madhya Pradesh, 100 from Maharashtra, 2 from Karnataka and 50 from the state of Uttarakhand. The PM Narendra Modi has even interacted with several villagers who are held eligible under this Svamitva scheme.

Property could be used as a collateral for loans: PM Narendra Modi

India, being a land of agriculture comprises of a total population by 2/3rd people who love in the rural areas. Disputes in regard to properties are quite common and only a few of the land owners actually have proper land records. In a recent web cast, PM Narendra Modi has said in his speech that the scheme, Svamitva, is going to help the government plan drone technology to survey and map the rural areas to help with this scheme so that they can claim for loans from financial institutions. He even said that total batch of more than 100000 people will be receiving this digital property card right within this month.
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