President Trump Reverts to Stereotypes As The Campaign Fumbles To Respond To Harris Pick


After Joe Bidden tweeted his decision of selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate for the upcoming presidential elections, President Donald Trump immediately reaches to words like “nasty”, “meanest” and “horrible” while characterizing Harris.

As per Trump, he feels that Harris has been very disrespectful towards Joe Bidden during their Democratic Primary when they both debated against each other.

Apparently “Nasty Women” is the word used by Donald trump earlier as well when he stood face-off “Hillary Clinton” his former Democratic rival. Comparing both the comments by Trump it’s being said that he hasn’t tuned in to modesty at all as yet. Trump’s words are being called as racist and sexist attacks towards Black Women and such criticism is very likely to against him at such a crucial time.


Covering up his tweet when asked by a few reporters he mentioned “She’s very big into raising taxes, she wants to slash funds for our military at a level that nobody would ever believe.” Although he stated that Kamala Harris would have been his first pick, but the statements made by him in the immediate reaction depict that he and his team would have preferred anyone but Harris. A lot of campaigns run by Trump and his team even suggested that Bidden should have picked from all the other options he had instead of Kamala.

The nonacceptance is most likely the result of insecurity arising from having a strong black women contender on the Democratic ticket at a time when he is trying to win back moderate suburban women voters. Kamala Harris, the California Senator is certainly formidable and will easily inject much-needed energy into the campaign, one of the sources mentioned.

Harris was preparing her campaign for the Democratic nomination last year in January as a rival to Joe bidden.

She dropped out of the campaign in December 2019 reportedly due to funding constraints. Trump at that point called her as a very strong candidate who could pose a real threat to Joe Bidden.  Trump had even made donations worth thousands of dollars in 2011 – 2013 to Harris’ campaign for attorney general.

Creating history as the first black woman and first Indian American woman to hold the nomination from a major party, Harris is will give a tough time to Trump’s team as she has already impressed a huge list of voters.

Conclusion: Trump has a history of using coded or highly charged language against women of color especially lawmakers, mayors, former allies, and journalists. Inviting any such criticism would go against Trump highly since his team has been already making consistent efforts to win back over such lost voters.

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