President Donald Trump called the NBA players disgracefully


Who knows it was coming? During the National Anthem, a large majority of players and coaches have kneeled to Support the Black lives matter movement. They highly protested the brutality of the police against the Blacks. With that comes The Presidents Donald Trump’s statement that by kneeling during Anthem, NBA players have disgraced it.

Last Wednesday morning, on a phone interview with Fox and Friends President Donald Trump, has spoken about how he felt by their activity. He further commented that they have worked very hard to resume the NBA and when he saw that everyone was kneeling during National Anthem was not at all acceptable by him. He lost his complete interest in the game and turned off the game as well.

He believes that he has done more for the black community than Abraham Lincoln could have done.

President Donald Trump called the NBA players disgracefully

He said that kneeling in front of the flag is disrespecting their flag as well as the National Anthem. He knows that ratings of Basketball are already down (for the baseball is also the same) He added further that they have to stand up for the country and definitely for the National Anthem and a lot of people will agree with him. If he is wrong in this case, he will sure to lose the election. But it doesn’t matter to him because he will always stand for the country.


According to the players kneeling during the National Anthem was just for social justice. Players even wore jersey where Black Lives Matter was written on it. Even they said their protest is not about disrespecting the flag. The League already knows that since election time is on the way President Donald Trump is playing the way he can.

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