Prashant Bhushan Fined Re 1 by Supreme Court or Faces 3 Month Jail if Not Paid

Recently, a news has flooded the internet, and everyone seems to be curious about it. According to the orders from the jury, Prashant Bhusan will have to pay the fine of Re 1 imposed on him, else he will have to go behind the bars. He will have to clear the fees by 15th of September, 2020 failing which he will have to go to the prison for a span of 3 months and shall also be debarred from practicing for a tenure of 3 years. Read on to know more about it in details.
Prashant Bhushan
The Supreme Court imposed a token penalty of ₹1 on Prashant Bhusan, the activist lawyer on Monday, considering it as his punishment in the criminal contempt case. Bhushan will have to pay a fine levied of Re 1 on him by a bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra. The bench comprised of Justices BR Gavai and Krishna Murari. They issued the order on sentencing saying that it was a must in the given circumstances. He will have to deposit the money by the mid-september failing which he will have to go to the jail.

Prashant Bhusan doesn’t choose to apologize:

The Attorney General KK Venugopal’s submissions that there is no provision for a stringent punishment or a jail term for Bhushan. This is in view of his contribution as a lawyer. However, the bench of judges took a note that Bhushan chose not to apologize or express regret despite repeated opportunities offered to him. He seems to be extremely adamant at his place and pays absolutely no heed to what the judges had to say! According to the sources, none of his actions indicate that he is likely to apologize in front of the mass.
He is certainly guilty for making statements in the press regarding the contempt proceedings, as well as for leaking his statements much before they were even counted in the court of law. As per the jury, no statement should be pre-empted by an individual through any means of publications, nor via public discussions.
The bench of judges held Prashant Bhushan guilty of criminal contempt on 14th of August, 2020. The conviction order stated, “The scurrilous/malicious attacks by the alleged contemnor No.1 (Bhushan) are not only against one or two judges but the entire Supreme Court in its functioning of the last six years. Such an attack which tends to create disaffection and disrespect for the authority of this Court cannot be ignored. The alleged contemnor has attempted to scandalise the entire institution of the Supreme Court.”

Supreme Court Statements upheld by the court of law regarding the Prashant Bhushan contempt case

The Attorney General said that Bhushan must regret and he should be expressing his regret while withdrawing his affidavit by justifying his controversial tweets against CJI SA Bobde and other four former CJIs. Justice Mishra has even stated that it is really painful to decide a contempt case right before demitting his office as he is supposed to retire from the court of law on 2nd of September, 2020. Mishra added on to it by saying, “Which judge is left out — sitting or retired?…Judges are condemned, their families humiliated…and they can’t even speak…Who will protect them, if not the Bar?” He added on to it by saying, “It’s about the system. If we (Bar & Bench) are going to destroy each other, who will have faith in this institution? You have to be tolerant, see what the court is doing and why. Don’t just attack. Judges can’t go to press to defend themselves or explain.”

Recent speech from Prashant Bhushan going viral on Twitter

The 63 year old, Prashant Bhushan recently tweeted, “My lawyer and senior colleague Rajiv Dhavan contributed 1 Re immediately after the contempt judgement today which I gratefully accepted.” The Supreme Court said that while freedom of speech and expression is important, being a citizen of India, Bhushan should have obeyed and respected the rights of others at the same time.
Last but not the least, recently Prashant accepts his guilt and he will be abiding by the law saying, ‘I gratefully accept Supreme Court verdict.’ The public seem to have a lot of opinions regarding this! However, it is evident that the dignity of the Court is upheld all over again. Stay tune and we shall get back to you with more such updates!
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