PM Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat Highlights, Modi Tweet on Dogs went viral

It is the 68th edition of the monthly radio broadcast, Mann Ki Baat that our PM Narendra Modi finally addresses the nation with some of the major highlights. On Saturday, the PM tweeted on the social media “Tune in at 11 AM on 30th August, 2020. He took quite an ample number of suggestions from people based on which he gave his speech on the show. Previously, he asked about it to the people, and thus, he prepared his speech on the inputs that people sent him using NaMo or MyGov App. The volunteers could even come up with their opinions by calling on 1800-11-7800.
PM Narendra Modi
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What to expect during the phase 4 of Unlock?

The broadcast occurred right after a day when the nation has relaxed restrictions in the reopening of schools. Also, the central government announced 50% permission of teaching and non-teaching staffs to come to schools. However, the institutions located in the containment zones will not allow staff to come in. Students from 9th to 12th standards are voluntarily permitted to come to schools. In the show, he discussed about some of the key points to focus upon the issues led by him!
Mann Ki Baat

Here are the key highlights of this show:

  • As festivals are approaching, it is quite obvious that people would celebrate but at the same time, there should be some sense of discipline in this adverse Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Onam is an important festival that is not just celebrated among the people within the nation, but people around the world are coming up to celebrate this occasion today. Onam is gradually turning up to be an international festival, whether it is America, Gulf or Europe.
  • India, a land of innovators are coming up with new and unique ways to celebrate occasions these days. They are not just trying out amazing ways to celebrate, but at the same time, they are developing toy clusters to compete other nations’ records amidst this global toy industry which is indeed huge, worth ₹7 lakh crores.
  • There is an application called the ‘Kutuki Kids Learning’ app under the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat app innovation challenge. Kids can use this application as interactive app to learn different aspects of science, maths, songs and other stories.
  • Public participation is extremely important in the evolution of nutrition. Amidst this pandemic, it is important to take care of our own health and hygiene, as well as feed on foods that will eventually raise our immunity power.
Last but not the least, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked of patriotism, and said that it is high time when we should think out of the box, and start coming up with new solutions to combat all the hardships while bringing our thoughts together yet maintaining social distancing policy.
Mann Ki Baat
Modi talked about the competence of dogs on Mann Ki baat and recently he tweeted “Beautiful photo!” on the post of a man sharing an image with a local breed watchdog saying that it is lovable. This post went viral across the social media.
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