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Recently, today in the afternoon, nearly around 2 PM, the News headlines from different sources flashed with the highlights that the PM Modi is going to address the nation at 6 PM in the evening. Although there was nothing specified from the end of Narendra Modi regarding the discussion that was supposed to be held live, the public still seemed to be speculating on the subject matter of today’s live, and they thought that it could be based on the coronavirus situation. As the festive seasons are arriving, and Navratri seemed to began already, it was a real concern for the people in the country to take this spread of virus into the next level all over again. Certainly, this was a concern for all the countrymen and that’s what is expected too!

Highlights of PM Narendra Modi speech today:

  • PM Modi has tweeted, “Will be sharing a message with my fellow citizens.”
  • Although PM Modi has not specified anything but a lot of people expected that he would probably speak on the coronavirus spread due to these festivities
  • Since the lockdown in March took place, the PM is going to address the nation for the 7th time now
The PM Modi had tweeted in advance regarding the address that took place just an hour ago, saying that he is expecting the citizens of India to stay tune. PM Modi had asked the countrymen to abide by the strict restrictions and protocols so as to keep the Coronavirus in check but until the month of June, everything seemed to be exiting the restrictions and then all were coming into order so as to reopen the economy all over again. The festival season appeared to lead a surge in infections as people are going to meet together once again, and there is bound to be a violation of the social distancing norms.
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According to the data and reports, the Covid 19 tally in India is approximately around 76 lakhs which is extremely high, but now for the very first time in a stretch of 3 months that the country has recorded 50,000 new cases in just a day’s span. The health ministry has also reported that there have been 46,790 fresh cases that were noted in the last 24 hours span which has further raged the total number of cases to 75,97,063.

Coronavirus cases reached the peak: PM Modi

The government said that the total number of cases related to Covid 19 have reached the peak and the daily average cases have tapered a hike of more than 90,000 daily cases that were reported since the mid September. Further, Modi has said that India is one of the countries with the maximum recovery rate and is certainly a nation that had adopted a flexible lockdown. He further uphold the point that the country is constantly working to establish a vaccine. PM Modi tweeted, “Till the time we get a vaccine shot, we absolutely cannot be complacent about the pandemic”. He even added, “We are trying our best to get a vaccine, as is the rest of the world. I want to let you know that once we get a vaccine, everyone will get it in a planned, phased and fast manner.” Adding onto it, he said,”Till the time we do not get the vaccine, if behave even a little irresponsibly, we can harm ourselves and all those around us. Wear masks, maintain ‘Do gaz ki doori (six-feet distance), wash hands regularly, use sanitisers and do not venture out unless absolutely necessary.”

Tweets from PM Modi regarding the Covid 19

The pandemic situation has not come to an end yet. PM Modi in his speech today has clearly specified that Covid 19 has been in check a bit till date only because the country was following the restrictions that could put a check on the spread of this disease. He further made the point very clear to the citizens stating that if we stop abiding by the social distancing norms and protocols, things may get worse! He urged the people of the nation to follow the Covid norms even in the festive season, wherein he clearly mentioned that even a small negligence on our side can bring us grief and enhance the chain of this virus, thereby stretching its spread to one and all. PM Modi stated that recently a lot of photos and images went viral when people seemed to be moving around casually, and it is evident that they are not at all careful any longer. The Prime Minister said that this is not at all right, and the sooner, we accept it, the better it is for all of us!

PM Modi: Nationwide address

In today’s address to the nation, PM Modi has clearly started that all the people who are negligent about this pandemic and are thinking that this is an end of it, are absolutely wrong and thus, all those who are coming out without a mask are doing no great job, but are simply putting their own lives along with the lives of their kids and family into a threat. Also, the elderly people are under a great crisis and if the people go on doing so, a bad day is waiting ahead. He made it very clear that the battle with the Covid is still on, and we should not stop following the norms until and unless no vaccine is available into the market as a proper “cure” of this disease. He said, “Even though the lockdown is gone, the virus is not gone.”
He said that it is only because of the joint efforts of all the citizens in the past 7-8 months that India could settle itself in a stable condition and now that the festivals have come in, we should no way forget the effort and allow the situation to deteriorate by any chance. He said that the economic activities are rising gradually and life seems to be taking up the former speed all over again, as well as, most of us are stepping out of our homes on a day to day basis to count our responsibilities, but at the same time, we must keep in mind that be it America or some other country in Europe, the Coronavirus cases were reduced, and then it went up just because people there started taking it casually. Hence, we should not repeat the same mistake that they have done, but rather, we should ensure the fact that we are taking lessons from them, and thus, are not doing the same.

Statistics show that the fatality rate in India due to Covid 19 is low

PM Modi talked of the statistics and compared the fatality rate of India with that of the recovery rate in this Covid 19 pandemic saying that more than 10 crore tests were conducted so far, and 2000+ Covid labs are functional today with more than 90 lakh beds available along with that of 12,000 quarantine centers, and all of them are abiding by just one mantra, “Seva Parmo Dharma,” wherein the doctors, nurses and the health workers are constantly putting their efforts, and devoting their days and nights in serving the population.
However, this is the time when we should not be careless any further. The PM even asks the media personnels today to continue spreading awareness among the public regarding this Covid 19 guidelines. When the proportion in other countries is huge, with more than 25,000 people out of every 10 lakh are infected, India sees only 5,500 out of 10 lakh people to be infected due to Covid 19. The fatality rate in India is 83 per 10 lakh population and this number is somewhere around 600 in countries like Britain, Spain, USA and Brazil.
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