Pfizer and BioNTech, Covid 19 Vaccine – Data Released! 

It was until yesterday, that is on Monday that Pfizer and partner BioNTech finally announced that their vaccine against the deadly pandemic covid-19 was strongly effective. The results met with all the excitement and relief to the people all over the world and the headlines of the news seemed to be highlighting just one incident and that’s about this revolution. Indeed, the expectation of the mass from this vaccine is huge, and everyone is expecting it to be rightly titled as the ‘life saviour.’
This vaccine was first tested in the United States in order to generate late stage data and according to the analysis being made, the results revealed that the individuals who had received just two injections of the vaccine had experienced more than 90% fever cases of of the covid-19 symptoms 3 weeks from then on wards as compared to the ones who had received a placebo. However, the phase 3 study is still under progress and we are still not aware about it. The companies will not file an emergency using the authorization to ensure the vaccine distribution until and unless it has raised another milestone, while keeping pace with the guidance from that of the Food and Drug administration. Pfizer is expecting to cross the threshold by the third week of November itself.

Analysis on the Pfizer vaccine

Despite it being a bright spot in the battle against the pandemic, the German company has not yet made all the key information available to the public about the vaccine as of now. We are even not aware if the vaccine is going to prevent severe cases or not. Also, there is no such information available regarding the fact that this vaccine is going to prevent the people (carriers) of carrying the virus which causes Covid 19, or SARS-CoV-2. William Gruber, Pfizer’s senior vice president of vaccine clinical research and development said, “I’ve been in vaccine development for 35 years.” He further stated, “I’ve seen some really good things. This is extraordinary. This really bodes well for us being able to get a handle on the epidemic and get us out of this situation.”

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine: 90% effective as per the latest updates

Pfizer has recently reported that its vaccine, BNT162b2 is more than 90% effective in the late stage trials. Talking more about how it works and the promising results that have been shown to the people of the US and also other countries including that of India, the US Drug maker, Pfizer has released the preliminary data from the late stage human trials. The vaccine is headed by the US FDA for a review.
Gruber has also mentioned that the side effect profile was compared to that of the standard adult vaccines but it is probably worse than the Pfizer’s pneumonia vaccine. Also, it was stated that the vaccine has just been studied for a few months and thus, it is next to impossible to have formed an opinion on the same. They are still not aware if this particular vaccine is going to protect the people against the infection with the virus. Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy said, “I don’t want to dampen any enthusiasm for this vaccine. I just want us to be realistic. For a vaccine to really have maximal impact, it’s going to have to also reduce severe illness and death. And we just don’t know yet.”
Besides, some of the publishes have even revealed that the vaccine causes side effects such as fever and ache as well. The results were not peer reviewed by that of the outside scientists, nor are they being published in a medical journal. Also, even the Pfizer and BioNTech have not given much of the details about how the vaccine performs. Pfizer further declares that the initial supplies of the vaccine is authorized but it shall be limited. Pfizer also says that up to 50 million doses will be available all across the globe. It further revealed that 1.3 billion doses will be made available in the year 2021. Besides, there are a few distribution challenges too, and the vaccine needs to be stored at a cold place which eventually created a major problem about its delivery to different places.

What kind of vaccine has Pfizer developed in collaboration with BioNTech?

This vaccine is developed by using the mRNA technology which makes use of the messenger RNA molecules by giving the proteins to the cells and thus, build the cell using it. In this context, the mRNA is coded to give the instructions to the cells for creating the spoke protein of the novel coronavirus. As soon as the mRNA is injected into one’s body, the cells use the instructions for creating copies of the particular protein which in turn prompt up as the immune cells create antibodies to fight the virus.
The mRNA vaccines are synthetically developed which is pretty similar to the way all other vaccine candidates are developed. They do not need the virus to be replicated or cultivated. All that matters is the code that targets the crucial part of the immune system in the body. Also, the biggest merit is that they can be manufactured on a large scale in the larger vats, commonly known as the bioreactors.

Bottom line:

There is a lot of investigation that is yet to be done! Yeah, a lot of people seem to be curious about knowing whether this particular vaccine is coming to India or not, but to be honest right on your face, there are still a lot of tests that are to be scheduled. The Pfizer and BioNTech are now conducting safety tests. Also, the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases in collaboration with the US FDA is expecting the readout from the late stage human trials. Well, based on the current projections, it does not appear that the firms are going to make it available to India anytime sooner. It has tie ups for millions of doses with nations like US, UK, Japan and more.
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