People Across US Report About the Internet Outage: Company Says Problems Were Due to CenturyLink Outage


Cloudflare gave a statement that says, the sunday morning internet outage that affected huge number of websites, occurred only because of the IP outage by the internet service provider CenturyLink. Later CenturyLink tweeted about the mess and cleared that all the affected services have been restored at 11:15 AM.

A cloudflare representative said in a mail to the verge that today they have experienced a widespread internet outage online that have affected so many multiple providers. And they clarified that it was not a Cloudflare outage. Main reason was the Level 3/CenturyLink that affected many internet service provider companies including Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s automated system detected the problem and went around them but the manual intervention was required for the extent of the problem.

internet outage

According to the cloudflare’s status page, the outage basically started on early sunday. The problem included an increased level of HTTP 5xx class errors like 522 and 503. Later cloudflare have updated that an issue with the transit provider was identified as the main reason of the early morning nuisance and they are trying really hard to fix the problem. All the data centers that are using transit provider has been affected.

DDoS or spam comment attacks and websites suffering from outages due to traffic load are prevented with the help of Cloudflare services. US and some parts of the western Europe and sites that are linked with  Discord, Hulu, Feedly, Xbox Live  and several others have been affected, according to a survey by DownDetector.

In the year 2018, CenturyLink had gone through a massive outage, several ATM withdrawals, calls and lottery borrowings had also been affected by the outage.

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