Party Acceptance Speech Most Likely to be delivered at White House or Gettysburg, Trump says!


The search for location to deliver the Republic National Convention speech has been narrowed down to two locations now either the White House or the Civil War battlefield in Gettysburg, PA, President Donald Trump said on Monday. As per his latest tweet the final decision on the venue for his speech to accept the GOP nomination for president will be announced soon. 

As per the initial plan, the event was supposed to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina however it was moved to Jacksonville, FL by the Republican Party. Looking at the surge in Corona Virus cases in Jacksonville, FL at the moment the party’s plan has to be changed now again, hence a new location is to be searched.

During a press meet that was held to announce the cancellation of event in Jacksonville, Trump stated that the timing for this event is not right. With what’s being happening, it’s just not the right time to have a big convention.

Trump is undoubtedly aware that holding the speech at White House could draw considerable criticism for him from both Democrats and a few Republicans too, as for long time no President has ever mixed Politics with the work of governance. White house is supposedly meant of governing work and not to be utilized or political gains.

Party Acceptance Speech Most Likely to be delivered at White House or Gettysburg, Trump says!

At the same time, it will be again controversial to deliver the speech from the battlefield of Civil War for two most important factors. 

Firstly, the history remembers the battle of Gettysburg as the turning point for Union forces during the Civil war. Secondly Trump has been defensive till date towards Confederate monuments and also his refusal to rename the U.S military bases after the Confederate war heroes. 

Kayleigh McEnany , White House press secretary has not stated any concrete reasons behind the possible selection of Gettysburg as the venue however she did mention about the historical significance of the battleground

She praised President by saying that the President has done a lot to bring the nation together. Having faced unprecedented challenges he has worked to ensure that Americans are well equipped and taken care of to rise above all challenges.

As per the U.S Hatch Act passed in 1939, use of any government property and employees for political activities (with certain exceptions) is forbidden. 

For instance, the President and Vice President are exempted from this law. Considering the security concerns especially during the Covid-19 outbreak White House could be a safe choice since there is no movement. 

The acceptance speech is scheduled for Thursday, August 27th 2020. 


While the President Trump and his team is hunting for a venue. Even the former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump’s possible rival in upcoming elections has also cancelled his travel plans to Milwaukee for the Democratic convention due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  He is most likely to deliver his acceptance speech from Delaware, his home state.

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