OnePlus 6T price, specifications, release on 16 Oct

Recently, we got to know that the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T are going to have the OxygenOS 10.3.6 update. This new update is going so popular among the users that there has been a huge craze among the buyers for this flagship deal. However, seeing the demand and supply graph, it has probably become a scenario where just a few users will be able to place their orders initially. This update has promised to bring the September 2020 Android security patch along with assuring an improved system stability.

OnePlus 6T – Why is it worth a buy?

OnePlus 6T is definitely worth a buy for it has certain amazing features such as:
  • It comes in a very unique and sleek design which is going to make you feel amazing when you hold the device in your hands
  • The display is pretty cool, with a big and vibrant screen, and you will have no complain about it
  • OnePlus 6T’s software is excellent and is up to date, its review is fine, 10 on 10
  • The camera quality is up to the mark
  • OnePlus 6T, in terms of performance has got no complaint
  • The battery life is amazing
oneplus 6t
Tracing back to the standards of the former products from OnePlus, the company has even agreed to the fact that OnePlus 6 had a very short life. It did stay in the market only for a span of 6 months post its launch. It then went out of the stock and then, everyone seemed to be predicting a new series to be up, and here comes the OnePlus 6T, which is going to give a good competition to the other brands in the category.

OnePlus 6T features discussed

OnePlus 6T will never let you lodge a complaint against it in terms of performance and service. It comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor which is definitely going to catch everyone’s attention. Besides, it comes with the smaller notch along with the bigger screen. The capacity of the battery is yet another point behind its growing popularity. The fast charging mode has always been the buyers’ favorite regarding OnePlus, isn’t it? However, let me tell you that this particular deal doesn’t have that LED notification or the 3.5 mm audio jack.
Other than these few add-ons, you may expect all the other features of this device to be just the same as that of the OnePlus 6. The battery of the phone is going to last for a whole long day, and then again, the performance of the camera is quite good, except for a few drawbacks particularly in the low light, thereby giving you a bit of trouble in case you are looking forward to take a snap during the night. OnePlus 6T is going to replace the OnePlus 6 but is definitely not going to be a must-have upgrade.

OnePlus 6T price in India

OnePlus 6T price in India is capped at ₹ 49,999 and this is the lowest price tag for the model in India and it is available on the Amazon platform from 16th October onwards. This is going to have 3 variants that include the 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage, the 8 GB RAM + 256 GB storage, along with 10 GB RAM + 256 GB storage. It has got particularly 3 options in terms of color that include the Midnight black shade, the Mirror black, the carbon black and the other two options in different variant include the speed orange shade and the thunder purple. The main motif of the company behind releasing this particular model after OnePLus 6 is that the brand does not want other competitors in the market to go ahead, and thus, be missed out! So, go and grab the deal.
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