One Punch Man Season 3: What is taking so long for Release? Find out Here!


    An animated series One Punch Man Season 3 is one of the biggest hits with a huge fan following.

    Good news for the viewers is that the much-awaited release of Season 3 is soon expected by the end of this year or at the onset of 2021.

    Release Updates

    Corona pandemic has hit hard on the television industry as well, due to which, all work came to halt. But unlike season 2 which was released after a gap of 4 years, next season won’t take much time.

     What is in Season 3?

    Season 1 showcased the establishing of its core characters of Saitama, Genos, and the Heroes Association, whereas in season 2 the storyline was more on a traditional way, where Orchi was shown as the overarching antagonist.

    The series revolves around Saitama, a guy with immense power who has the power to defeat anyone with a single punch. However, his unmatched strength has left him with an overwhelming sense of boredom

    Season 3 will give answers to all unresolved mysteries of season 2. The next season is expected to have more action and unlimited fun.

    The next season will follow the Monsters Association in more depth.

    Cast Updates

     The upcoming season will be majorly about new attacks by Heroes Association on their evil counterparts. With the expected entries of more new superheroes engaging in one to one battle, the series is expected to be a highly action-packed and thrilling adventure ride.

     Nothing has been announced so far about the cast of the next season but it is certain that new superheroes will emerge with more powers.

    So, stay tuned with us because there is a lot to know yet. We will be back soon with new updates!

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