One Person Shot Dead in Portland Shooting During Clashes Between Pro-Trump Supporters and Counterprotesters


During clashes between trump supporters and protesters, a man was shot and killed on Saturday night in the portland shooting. Police said that the shooting was going on in Southeast Third Avenue. But later they changed their statement, the man have been shot in his chest around 8:46 Pm on Saturday night near Southwest Third Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. No information about the victim was released by the police.

Higher authorities have not provided any information about the suspect and were looking for someone who might have witnessed the incident closely or if someone has the recorded footage of shooting for contacting investigators.

What Actually Happened in Portland Shooting

protesters in Portland are denouncing the police brutality and racial injustice since 90 consecutive days. The main protest was first lightened by the killing of George Floyd and took an another interesting turn after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin on last weekend.

the sources have said that the who who has been shot on Saturday night was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer; it is assumed that he used to belong from a far-right group existed in Portland that have been clashed with the protesters in the past.

Police informed throughout a tweet on early saturday night that there was some evidences of violence between demonstrators and counter-demonstrators while in the downtown Portland, a political rally was walking through.

The tweet made by the police also include that they have made some arrests and warned people to avoid downtown because of the traffic caused by the rally. The traffic went through by a advertisement named “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Portland”, which was advertised on the Facebook.

according to the posted Advertisement, it shows that rally participants were  planned to get summoned in Clackamas, Oregon, which is 17 miles away from the southeast of Portland. They might have planned to manage the cars, motorcycles and trucks in a line for the rally and went out with the “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Portland”. An image that was posted on Facebook shows that the rally have included the downtown Portland area.

Here are some key highlights of the incident 

Trump supporter cars including pick up trucks that had American flags, Thin Blue line flags and Trump 2020 flags over them, appeared and gathered at the Clackamas Town Center, on saturday afternoon.

In the evening the image was totally different, on a street corner protesters were standing on a stopped white colored pick up truck with an American flag and “all lives matter”written on the side window of the back driver, screaming and throwing items at the people on the street. The truck might have involved with trump cruise rally. One protester among all of them have burned a trump flag on fire while Caravan started to move off.

A man was displaying a “Oregon for Trump” flag and an American flag and fired up Paintball gun on the protesters standing on the corners of the road, while being on the passing black pick up truck. it was also seen, riders on the black truck was releasing some spray kind of thing. There was an another green pick up truck passing by, in which someone was spraying something towards the protesters. when the protesters tossed something at them they ducked.

President Donald Trump tweeted on saturday about all the mess created and criticized Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland; says it was completely unexpected that after 95 days of watching the violence is still going on and the mayor of the Portland is an incompetent person admitted that he had no idea about what was going on.

The tweet also says the people of Portland should not be living in without safety for any longer. Just Because the mayor is a complete fool, please bring the national guards.

the police chief of the Portland forbade the people to jump into the conclusion about what led up the shooting incident.

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