No safe route for India’s Running season.


It is really a tough time for Runners this year to go through

India’s running business value is almost 400 billion US dollars. Professional Runners whose lives depend on races only are facing huge problems including the running coaches who are also finding it tough to get some work.

The coronavirus widespread situation has sat-off the running season of India this year almost totally. On the rough note, 1,400 distance races are organized in India each year. but due to COVID-19, half of them have been already canceled or deferred.

The issue is with the timing of these races, the Running season occurs between October and February in different cities like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, etc. As you all be well aware that we still are struggling with various sorts of lockdowns as a countermeasure to stop the spread of the virus and no one knows to when all this will be over, may after we get vaccinated with the right med-mix!

This season was supposed to be Kiran Matre’s season, who has already made his mark on India’s Booming Distance Running Circuit. Kiran is just 18 years old and he had faced hard tragedy in his life. His mother, father and even his grandfather have taken their own lives. They belong to the Parbhani district and faced the draught of crops in that district.

Kiran was found running at school, which has changed his course of path, and running became his career soon after.

After completing his school level races he started running for Home race calendar last year. In 2019, Hyderabad’s Marathon, Kiran was able to make a massive paycheck. In 2019, Pune’s Marathon, he was able to touch the third position got various recognitions as well.

He was hoping to run for a bigger competition and bigger price this year. Dejected Kiran has commented that it is unknown to all, that in this year if any running matches will take place or not.

Last year he could able to run 25 races and earned a good amount of money which helped him for his family. This year he is hoping to run at least in 1 race.

News snippet when Kiran had made a mark:

It’s really hard for those people who are directly or indirectly associated with this booming industry due to the worst impact on COVID-19. Still, the show must go on. For more such factual and interesting news, stay tuned with us.

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