No Players Confirmed Coronavirus Positive in NBA.


NBA 2019-2020 has started since 22nd October and supposed to be over by 15th April 2020. But due to the coronavirus outburst in the USA, the league has been suspended on March 11. After almost four months of gap finally, the league has been started at its own pace. NBA has restarted the season in Walt Disney World in Bay Lake Florida.

There were 2 positive cases when the players entered Walt Disney. On 29th July results were announced for 343 players and none of them tested corona positive. It means that the NBA’s bubble protocol has worked perfectly.

NBA Bubble Protocols:

NBA has created a bubble system AKA Orlando bubble it is an isolation zone with strict rules to protect its players, Coaches, Staff and other members to get affected by COVID-19. Before the practice, NMA has given there 108-page medical protocol file to each team. 22 teams were invited to start the season. The coach of every team has to wear a mask all the time.

No Players Confirmed Coronavirus Positive in NBA.

Each player inside the bubble has to do their temperature check every day and measure the level of oxygen in their bloodstream. Social distancing and the wearing mask is compulsory when they are not playing.

Hats off to the players that they are adhering to this discipline for which none of the players came positive in the result.

Even the players have to take a shower in their rooms instead of the arena where they play. Cleaning and sanitization have been taken care of, even laundry of players and other people has been taken care of. Almost 170 million dollars has been invested by the NBA to protect its league which has been largely affected by Corona. We are hoping to see a good end of the league.

Until we meet again, stay safe, and stay tuned with us.

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