No Fortnite 4 For iPhone & iPad Users: Epic Games Confirmed


Today in Fortnite is the start of a thrilling new season – though it is not exciting for everyone. Because of the current legal fight between the publisher Epic Games and Apple the iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and the Macbook laptop, will not support the game’s last season. For iOS devices, Fornite was a game that was long in the forefront when it comes to real battle royale games. Not getting the latest update marks it as a tremendous disadvantage for them and nothing can be done now about it. If you already have Fortnite installed on your iOS devices, which millions of people definitely have, then you will be able to play the older version without any worries but there will be some disadvantages. Some features might stop working and the gameplay will definitely not be the same.

fortnite banned for iphone

There are other interesting items to check in the Fortnite’s new season, and one of them is the Marvel theme. If you buy a Fortnite 4 battle pass, you also get customizable Thor edition straight off and you can discover some different points of interest on the island too.

Neither of these features is available if you’ve been gaming on iOS. You will get the same loading screen and the waiting arena that appear throughout season 3 and on the island itself. Meanwhile, all of the fresh stuff like Thor’s skin will not exist in your locker anymore. The Fortnite game will still run on Apple devices just like before, and you will be able to enjoy the game in several different modes. Though all of these adaptations will seem old only a few hours after season 4.

Epic Games battles effectively to take on the major technology firms, such as Apple and Google, and protects the users. It is still competing for other companies, as it is not just for Epic Games. In the end, by cutting down the commission of the app stores, one who will enjoy the benefit are the customers themselves.

It is not yet clear that when Epic and Apple will fix things up as both of them are now in an intense fight and it changes the App Store’s future-so it’s doubtful that iOS can receive a Fortnite update that would be on a line with every other device before one of them falls out. Particularly for the large crowd who mostly plays the game on iOS, it’s a problem. If you are enjoying what is one of the world’s greatest games on the iPhone now, you would be literally left with a time bomb. Android players are free since Fortnite is available in the Epic’s own application, so they can download and install the Fortnite 4 APK file.

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