NFL will allow teams to begin hosting players for free-agent workouts:


outbreak of Covid-19 in MLB and the NFL has new setbacks to continue with 2020 season. Just before the practice start for the season, the NFL has lifted the prohibition on try-outs, including the free agents as well. Now the free agents have to go through Covid-19 tests.

What’s going on:

Initially, practice sessions were happening via Video. Now teams can conduct their players physical try-outs, which will start immediately but with some restrictions. Since the players want to attend their physical work-outs in person before the league starts they need to pass two Covid-19 tests. 

Let’s take an example of how it works, if a player will be tested at 10 am on Monday then after exact 24 hours on Tuesday at 10 am the 2nd test will be there. 

NFL will allow teams to begin hosting players for free-agent workouts:

If both the results of the test come negative The player can participate in the try-out on Wednesday. But the player has to stay away from any other rostered players, in a separate room or location or in a different time and at the same time, only 8 players can be at the location for try-outs. Not more than that can participate in the process. 

If a player is ready to sign the contract with the NFL after the try-out, then to participate in the field with the team members, he needs to go for the third test.

So if we consider that if a free agent started giving COVID-19 test from Monday, then if he wants to join the team the earliest, he can join on Thursday, which means he needs to do his Third test on Wednesday itself.

It seems very difficult for any individual to participate with any team’s game but for precautions, these mediatory actions are compulsory for the game to lead the league 2020 season. 

To make it simple, there is one more way. A player can also conduct virtual try-outs with a team or he can submit a try-out video which reduces the playing in different locations with 8 players. But to get permission to play with other players in the field he still needs to go through multiple tests. 

Before this news, till yesterday many players who were free agents felt ignorant, especially to the some who were having injuries.

Now, this process has been started to make new improvements in the team. It is very important for the NFL teams to keep active players and more availability of players to keep the season moving on. 

If in any case, any team hit the outbreak of COVID-19, other players should be available immediately to fill up the gap.  


NFL is trying their best to make an active and available team before the start of the season. Their learning from the outbreak in MLB may lead a healthy season going forward with these protocols.

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