New York Cosmos: USA’s ‘rock ‘n roll’ football story & its latest new chapter


Whenever we take the name of New York Cosmos, we remember the man attached to it – Pele. Pele is known as the greatest player of his time and the highest-paid athlete of this planet.

He was a Brazilian footballer who always played forward and made big wins for his team, and a great name for his country.

After he retired from Brazilian football in 1975, he has signed with New York Cosmos for Soccer League. He is nothing less than a magician on the pitch with his ball. He kind-of attracts the ball while he was on the field and keeps it rolling in between his legs for a very very long time. For the opposite teams, he used to be like a gun, blocking his ball was one hell of a task for them. According to some, he was also considered to be the God of Football, a true legend to talk about.

The duration of 1960-1970 was quite pathetic for the soccer game. Even the situation was that no one knows what it was. There was only one person in this entire universe, who made this sport as a very popular game, that too from a Brazilian origin, he was non-other than Pele. 

Pele was significantly credited for increasing the awareness and interest of the people in the game. During the course, he was even injured by his huge fans. He even tried the same thing in the Dominican Republic. Brazil Forward Pele played his last game of Soccer in 1977 where New York Cosmos won the 1977 Soccer Bowl. After a long time, after they win a new chapter in their story is going to begin again.

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