New Solo Series for ‘U.S.Agent’: marvel release date


    Fans were speculating the debut of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s John Walker, aka U.S. Agent, in the Disney+ upcoming series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But it seems like the creators are planning something big for this evil replacement of Captain America. Sources reveal that US Agent is going to have his solo comic series. Let’s find out more about the comic below.

    This fall, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s John Walker aka U.S. Agent is getting a new comic release

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was supposed to introduce MCU as John Walker, a.k.a. U.S.Agent, in August 2020. The character will be played by Wyatt Russell. Sadly, the show couldn’t premiere on Disney Plus due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The production was forced to shut down, and the series got delayed.

    However, Marvel has brought the smile back to the fans’ faces by sharing the great news. They have decided to launch a new comic series for US agents. He is one of its characters from Dark Avengers, who shares a history with Captain America aka Steve Rogers and other superheroes.

    So along with a debut in Disney Plus’ show, the publisher is also planning to launch a new ongoing comic book series later this year of this character. U.S.Agent was originally created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary. Now, the character in the comic series is written by Christopher Priest, and designed by artist Stefano Landini.

    Expected Story of new US Agent Comic Series

    The story begins with Walker losing his status as U.S.Agent, but he finds a new job as an independent government contractor. New problems arise with his new job, when he moves to a small town, and where the citizens are fighting against a big corporation. In the show, he will get some assistance from a new partner to start his new life. But he will also have to go through a lot in the future, and will probably be haunted by the ghosts from his past.

    The now-former USAgent is making a lot of money in his new job and confronting new challenges. He is taking more risks while venturing into places, which he would have never followed as an Agent. However, his missions will lead him to dead ends because he has limited official access to get intelligence data.

    Landini’s excitement about US Agent new solo comic series

    Landini said that he is excited to be a part of this upcoming series and the incredible staff. He praised Christopher’s storytelling and said that it will have twists. He also can’t wait for the fans to see their incredible work.

    When will the US Agent launch in comic shops?

    The comic series is speculated to release to U.S.AGENT #1 in November 2020. This announcement was made by


    Get ready to read the new action-packed comic soon. Add this comic series to your list as soon as it debuts. Also, don’t forget to share this exciting news with other Marvel fans.

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