New apps announced for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has recently announced new Teams platform applications that are aiming particularly to improve the productivity and engagement of the users on the Microsoft Teams platform. Since the pandemic has brought in the work from home culture amongst all of us, both the students and for the corporate employees as well, connecting each other for a meeting on the Microsoft Teams has got no substitute in the picture.
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The new applications for the meetings in the Teams application store include Microsoft Forms,, Phenom, Pigeonhole Live, Polly, Asana, Bigtincan, Buncee, Decisions, HireVue, Lucid Agreements, Priority Matrix, Teamflect, Wakelet, xMatters, Range, Slido, Soapbox, Talview.

Microsoft Teams customising the platform to meet the requirements of the users

In a recent survey, it was evident that more than 115 million people use Microsoft teams on a regular basis and the platform thus, requires customisation in order to fit the specific needs of the users. This is the reason for which adding apps from the Teams app store, and creating a custom line of workflows, business apps or bots to use in the Teams has become so very important! Microsoft further says that the users may choose to use Asana in the Teams chat and also on the channels in order to manage the projects in hand. They can even use the same to keep a track of their to-do tasks. They can even use it with the teams meeting invite option which further allows the users to create new action items while they are in a meeting. They can even choose to allow an access of it to everyone so that they may have a clear understanding of all that they would need to do!

Microsoft Teams app coming with other attributes

The platform comes with different other options such as Slido which allows the users to plan and conduct quizzes, live polls, and Q & As in the Microsoft Teams meets. It also assures the users with the provisions to create pills with the help of Forms so that they can send out quick surveys and track responses at ease within the platform without any hassle. The tech giant, partners and developers can easily use the developer tools such as the Microsoft Teams toolkit for Visual Studio and they may also choose to use the Visual Studio Code to build custom applications. Besides, the customers who have a limited developer capacity will be eligible to use the Microsoft Power Platform to fetch low code tools that would help in building various applications, chatbots, workflows and also, they may choose to deploy and manage them on the Microsoft Teams, such as the Microsoft adds. These provisions are already made available on the Microsoft Teams app.
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