Netflix honors late actress Naya Rivera in an episode of ‘Sugar Rush’


    Late actress Nata Rivera is now appearing on Netflix’s Sugar Rush after her tragic death. It is her last appearance on TV. She is seen as a guest judge alongside Candace Nelson, Hunter March, and Adriano Zumbo.

    Netflix honors Naya Rivera in the second episode of Sugar Rush


    On July 31, 2020, Netflix dropped the third season of Sugar Rush on its streaming service.

    According to the reports, the 33-year-old is appearing in the second episode titled “Birds of a Feather” on Netflix’s Sugar Rush.


    This baking show is believed to be her last program, shot in February, which is way before the production studio was closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

    The announcement of the third season was made on June 23, 2020, before Naya went missing.

    After realizing that she is no more, Netflix had to make a quick decision in regards to the video they had of the 33 years old singer. Netflix did not want to hurt her fans more by putting her footage. It was a very tough decision.

    So after her death, Netflix spoke to Naya’s manager and decided to release the episode as it was intended.

    To honor the work of this late actress, the streaming giant has put a note at the start of the episode, before the credits come up.

    This note is a small dedication to her for not only just working with Sugar Rush, but in general.

    The third season got aired after the two weeks of her demise. Fans are really sad after her sudden death, but now they can watch her on their screens for one last time.

    We know, it is really heartbreaking to see your favorite actress on TV after she is dead. It is difficult but, maybe that is the way to say her goodbye.

    How did she die?

    Naya was riding a boat with her 4-year-old kid Josey. But later on, she went missing at Lake Piru in California.

    The search and recovery operation found her dead body after 5 days on July 13, 2020. Her body was buried at Hollywood Hills cemetery Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Her death certificate clearly reveals that she died within minutes due to accidental drowning.

    Our heart goes out for her son and her family. You can catch her last time in the third season of Sugar Rush.

    It is available on Netflix, so go and watch it now! Also, come back soon to our website for new updates.

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