Netflix Has Given Greenlights to Money Heist Fifth And Final Season


    Netflix has decided to bring the curtains down after Money Heist season 5. It’s sad news for fans because there won’t be more daring heists in the new season. Read this article to find more information about the finale season.

    Netflix’s Money Heist will conclude with the fifth season

    Netflix has announced that the fifth season will be the final season. The production has already begun on August 3, 2020, in Denmark before filming over to Portugal and Spain. The fifth season will be the final blow, where fans will see the professor’s new plans coming into action. You can check out the announcement below.

    There are some speculations that Sense8’s Angel Silvestre and Mar de plástico’s Patrick Criado will be the new additions to the cast. The main characters in the series will most probably avenge the death of Nairobi, who was one of the best members of the team. She was also loved by the fans, and the season finale will be incomplete without her.

    Netflix Has Given Greenlights to Money Heist Fifth And Final Season

    Alex Pina talks about the season 5 plot and the additional cast

    Alex Pina in an interview with EW revealed that they are moving from the intellectual strategy to a war strategy. The team will avenge the death of their comrade (Nairobi). Their new mission will take action while keeping the plot fresh. They will also maintain the adrenaline rush throughout the season finale. This season is going to be an epic season of the entire series.

    However, Alex Pina has not revealed the roles of Angel Silvestre and Patrick Criado yet. These two are most likely to play opponent roles. Pina stated that they always add shine, intelligence, and charisma to the opponent characters. Also, the finale is shifting to the war genre, so they want the characters, who can match the intelligence up against The Professor.

    The final season will also spend some time looking back from where they started. Fans might see Denver’s childhood pal Manila playing a major role in the upcoming season. Also, there will be a standoff between The Professor and Sierra. It looks like the final season will get your adrenaline going. So get ready for the magnetic and complex finale.

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