Netflix CEO: Kim Martin Morrow arrested in charge of child pornography

    Recently, in September 2020, a false rumor was spread all across the social media stating that the Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings was arrested in charge of child pornography. Netflix has undoubtedly become one of the most popular production company, and the first name that pops into our mind, when it comes to streaming services. As social media has become absolutely important when it comes to business, as well as, spreading awareness, it can cause troubles for anyone as well. These days, as people seem to believe social media platforms much more than what they actually see and hear, news go on spreading just like world fire. Certainly, this created a huge buzz all across the internet and everyone appeared to be curious about knowing deep into the matter.
    netflix ceo
    There were several rumors all around, and one of them was regarding the ‘child pornography’ wherein the so called CEO, Kim Martin Morrow was accused. The news even revealed that he was arrested. The rumor just carried nothing other than misinformation wherein the users made a claim that it was Netflix CEO “Kim Martin Morrow” who doesn’t exist either. Whatsoever, the issue is being resolved now and the truth is revealed. There was no such incident that occurred, and most importantly, the claim had got absolutely no grounds. On digging deep into this particular news, we got to know that this was just a rumor and in fact, the CEO’s name is changed. Kim Martin does not exist at all and thus, all the allegations that were put earlier does not make any sense at all.

    Kim Martin Morrow is not the CEO of Netflix

    If you are a noob, let me tell you that Kim Martin Morrow is not the CEO of Netflix. Actually, the streaming platform has 2 CEOs, one is Reed Hastings and the other one is Ted Sarandos. As per our research, we did not find anyone by the name of Kim Martin Morrow who is serving some kind of high authority positions in Netflix. Therefore, it was a false rumor that Reed Hastings was accused and arrested due to child pornography. The controversy actually started ever since the streaming platform showed up with sexualized promotional materials for the movie, Cuties. A lot of criticism around this movie seems to be holding misunderstandings, and thus, we seem to be eager to know what turns up to be true!
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