Mother Teresa: Some Facts About Her That Didn’t Come Into The Limelight Before

Mother Teresa, who is often known for her kind soul and all that she did for others is once again remembered among the people on her birth anniversary. Certainly, there is no doubt about the social welfare that she has contributed to! Mother Teresa, who is popularly known as the Teresa of Calcutta, will be remembered for her contribution to the society forever! The lady was basically a devoted Catholic nun who is solely meant to lessen the misery of the poor and the sick. Tracing back to its history, this late lady lived in the 20th century, in Skopje which is now the capital of North Macedonia.

Mother Teresa: Struggling to overcome poverty around the world

Teresa’s former name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She moved to India in the late 1920s, and she has been working as a teacher of subjects like history and geography in the Calcutta St. Mary’s High school. However, Teresa decided to leave the church and she stayed in the slums to help the poor and needy out there! She did receive the Nobel Peace prize in the year 1979, but she denied to accept the Nobel Honor Banquet. Instead, she did ask the jury to contribute that prize money worth 1,92,000 USD to assist the poor people of India.

Lesser known facts about this kind-hearted soul: Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa left her homeland while she was young enough, just at the age of 18. Since then, she joined Sisters of Loreto in Dublin and thus, became a nun. It is said that she did not meet her family ever again post then.
She came to India in the year 1929 and started learning Bengali while staying in Darjeeling, and teaching at the St. Teresa’s school.
She made a commitment to herself of becoming a nun, and thus, chose the name, “Teresa” in the honor of patron saints of Spain and Australia, Teresa of Avila and Saint Therese of Lisieux respectively.
Mother Teresa was travelling from Calcutta all the way to Darjeeling in the year 1946, and that’s when she had a calling that Christ had urged her to leave her profession and thus, join the occupation of serving the underprivileged sections of the society.
It was until the year 1948 that Mother Teresa gave up all her luxuries, and started living with the people in the slums.
This lady is also known for laying the foundation stone of the Roman Catholic religious congregation which is presently known as the Missionaries of Charity.
Mother Teresa also received the Padma Shri Award from the Indian government in the year 1962.
Not just this, Mother Teresa is also rewarded with the Bharat Ratna Award, which happens to be the India’s highest civilian award in the year 1980.
Certainly, her service to the society could not be paid back. She left us on September 5, 1997 at an age of 87. The government of India arranged a state funeral in her remembrance.

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