Mirzapur season 2 is back, Memes flooding the Internet

    Mirzapur season 2 is all back after a much awaited span of time. Everyone seems to be excited to catch it up, and that was quite evident from the posts and images being shared by the mass on the social media. Mirzapur is now taking up the fire on the internet and once again, you can sit back and wait for a good doze of wild action and impactful dialogues. However, the meme makers have now got a good amount of content to come up with their innovations on the internet. There is no doubt regarding the popularity of this show among the netizens and all of us have been eagerly waiting for the second season to come up on the air. The show was made available for streaming on 23rd of October and since then, dozens of memes started surfacing on the internet.

    Mirzapur season 2 review: Fire is lit once again

    Mirzapur season 2 is up, and this time, neither Ali Fazal nor Pankaj Trupathi is going to put a wrong foot. It is clearly evident that Dibyendu will play the role of the headstrong Munna this time and you can expect a better doze this time than you did witness before.

    Mirzapur season 2: Cast and rating

    Talking about the cast of Mirzapur season 2, you can expect to have Ali Fazal, Divyendu, Pankaj Tripathi, Rasika Suhal, Rajesh Tailang, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Rajesh Tailang, Harshita Gaur, Sheeba Chaddha, Vijay Varma, Isha Talwar, Anjum Sharma, Priyanshu Painyuli, and Amit Sail. The director of this series is none other than Mihir Desai and Gurmeet Singh. It received a 2.5 out of 5 in star ratings.

    Mirzapur Season 2 storyline

    This film is definitely a well crafted script from the directors and Puneet Krishna, Vineet Krishna who seemed to be relying quite a lot on the trite tropes. However, it seemed to lack a genuine, relatable political and social context. The storyline seems to unfold an amoral vacuum. This involves none from the political establishment or the police force. Certainly, it is cakewalk for the scofflaws.
    mirzapur season 2
    Mirzapur season 2 seems to be dismissing an entire election process, wherein the facile nature of the construct seemed to be more evident and it is purportedly a state Assembly election with a chief minister who wins the re-election and has been chosen as the head of the government unanimously. It is he along with his party who are the only ones who have been running. We cannot witness the existence of any opposition. Besides, the heat and dust of the electoral contest is evident on the camera. It is quite similar to the caste dynamics and the series mentions it once or twice, as it goes one after the other.

    Mirzapur season 2: Characters and Plots

    Akhandanand Tripathi AKA Kaleen Bhaiya is seen to open up significantly in front of the Amazon Prime Video crime series. He holds a vice-like grip on the illegal guns and opium trade of the town. However, his sights are now set on the levers of the political power in Lucknow. Now, the incidents have raised a question among the audiences that whether such an influence is going to give more meat to Pankaj Tripathi’s teeth, who seemed to be propelling the show with Divyenndu and Ali Fazal. We can see the jury to be working on it, and the actor is busy projecting firmness and menace on it to raise his finger or voice on the matter. It is certainly a must-watch show if you do not mind the coarse language being used in it!
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