Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate With 150+ Games Launched


Microsoft announces that tomorrow, the store’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate access program will have over 150 titles that will be launched worldwide. Identified as the xCloud this streaming feature will be available only for Android tablets and mobile phone devices as of now. The official release date for this subscription is September 15. EA Play games are not included in the list of 150 games that are being launched for this subscription. Microsoft earlier this month announced that EA Play is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but before the next month, the titles will not be accessible on xCloud.

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Microsoft has also integrated touch screens for gamers to improve the gaming experience on the xCloud. Minecraft Dungeons will be the first game to start with touch controls, with assistance to confirm just how huge controls are on the computer. Microsoft had also launched Gears 5 touch controls in the past, and Hellblade’sSenua Sacrifice has been running for around a month in the xCloud Touch Control. You can expect a lot of titles in the coming weeks to get launched in this subscription that will have these touch controls.

What Is Xbox Game Pass For Android?

Since Microsoft launched its subscription service for the first time, it was labeled as Project XCloud. Now that live usage of this subscription is about to start since the beta testing is ending this weekend. Cloud storage will also be another option of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which also includes Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and EA Play. This Xbox Game Pass is a little Netflix like a subscription. For a minimal subscription charge, Subscribers are entitled to a revolving collection of dozens of titles, with exclusive Xbox Game Studios productions, which are available for everyone on the day of their release.

Unfortunately, because of the prior banning of services such as xCloud, xCloud will not currently be available on iPhones or iPads. Last week Apple increased its Microsoft branch, enabling game streaming platforms like xCloud and Stadia to be available with big catches on iOS or iPadOS. Apple will allow businesses like Microsoft to apply their games separately using its gaming platform as individual applications. It is not known whether Microsoft has been able to bundle these games that will allow users to play them on iPhone or iPad platforms. However, the conditions are not fulfilled by Microsoft. Microsoft named Apple’s change “a poor user service”, adding that streaming video or song apps too might not have separate contents of packages.

Currently, the xCloud streaming feature will be available in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription in the initial release for Android devices. Next week, Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate update in 22 countries which are mentioned below:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

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Since its release in 2017, the Xbox Game Pass has experienced tremendous popularity due to its monthly add-ons to the ever-expanding lineup and nearly universal praise for the value it provides in gaming. In addition to the introduction of the xCloud, the Service leaves beta testing for PCs following month, and Game Pass is confirmed for the new Xbox X series console, which was launched on November 10th. Some people believe that over the next generation of video game consoles Xbox Game Pass could become the most profitable service and highest-earning service rather than any new hardware (referring to the consoles).

The Nintendo Switch has already enabled gamers to play their video games on the go, but it is definitely an exciting idea for lovers of Xbox to play big titles like Halo or Destiny 2 on their mobile phone. The Xbox Game Pass xCloud starting line-up is also a great idea by the company, with the ability to add far more top games later to improve the demand of the service. In addition, as xCloud opens tomorrow, the subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will actually able to play their games on the go.

Will Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Available In More Countries?

In consideration of its growth in the new countries, the Xbox game Pass Ultimate will definitely be going to be extended in the upcoming months. Microsoft did not comment about which countries it would like to include in the future so it will be exciting to know more about this service from them. Keep visiting this page to find out the latest information about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and about more countries in which it will be available.

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