Melania’s Expression After Greeting Ivanka Trump is Going Viral

It was all about the final night of the Republican National Convention when the rumors of tension went high on the air. The US First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump, her stepdaughter seem to have issues between them, and it got into the news even more on the RNC this Thursday. At the RNC, the US President, Donald Trump addressed his party members formally and thus, accepted the renomination of the party. The recent news that’s going viral is the shot moments of how Melania Trump treated Ivanka Trump on the stage.
Both Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana and his daughter, Ivanka Trump serves as White House Advisers. While the RNC 2020 was ongoing, Ivanka Trump just introduced her father for the acceptance speech, following which she went back to leave the stage to him. However, Melania Trump greeted her on the way with a winning smile that immediately hardened in the flick of a second. The media focuses went to her smile that was evidently fake since she changed her expression immediately after!

Rapid change in Melania Trump’s expression shocks people around!

Melania Trump, dressed in a striking like gown by Valentino for the RNC smiled at her stepdaughter as she was about to leave the stage. That smile hardened as soon as Ivanka passed by! This media clip seems to create a huge buzz on the Internet at present. The clip goes viral on Twitter and different other social media platforms with more than 5 million views in less than three hours.
Just have a look: Video clip of Melania’s fake smile at Ivanka

Fans have written different opinions on this video. According to critics, while some say that Ivanka and Melania had battles on all the time, the others question if Melania doesn’t seem to like Ivanka. Some of the fans are saying, “Did Melania just roll her eyes at Ivanka?” Well, there are a lot of questions all around, but amidst all of it, one thing is evident that these two ladies don’t have an affectionate bonding among them.

Revelation of the release of a memoir: Melania and Ivanka Trump

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who used to be Melania Trump’s good friend and a former adviser will soon release “Melania & Me” – a memoir that is going to address shocking details about their continuing rivalry. Ms Winston Wolkoff says that the book is going to note all the petty attempts that Melania did to keep Ivanka away from the best photos, back in 2016 during the swearing ceremony of Donald Trump. Whatsoever, it seems that the two have a cold war all the time. Let’s see what rolls up, and definitely we would love to look forward to get the book available worldwide.
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