Mean Girls Reunion post 16 years, Encourage voting

    The entire cast of Mean Girls released a virtual reunion holding the Election Day just one month away and the main motif of this was to encourage the fans to vote. In this video, Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Amanda Seyfried, and Rachel McAdams came together. This virtual reunion was basically moderated by Katie Couric and she revealed it in front of the media via her Instagram handle. She even teased the movie adaption of the Broadway musical.
    mean girls
    Not just this, she had even shared the cast memories of the cast members from that of the 2004 film. In the reunion meet, they shared about each of their experiences while playing the iconic characters of the movie.

    Mean Girls sharing their experiences playing the characters: Pretty much relatable to their old days

    Seyfried opened up her experiences while playing the dumb blonde which she said was pretty much the way she used to behave in her childhood, during her school days to make sure that she does not become a prey for the next drama in the class. On the other hand, Lacey Chabert said that she had fallen in love with Gretchen Wieners while she read the script for the very first time. Lohan also spoke about how she was a bit drawn to the role of Regina George in the beginning but then, as she got to go through the script, she learnt about Cady’s emotions which did resonate quite a lot to her own experiences. She even said that while shooting, she did have a very weird transition in herself. She said that she was a kind of outcast back in her old days, and she could absolutely relate to it while playing Cady’s character in the movie. Let’s wait to see what comes along the way! Last but not the least, Chabert encouraged the fans to vote in Mean Girls’ way, “Vote on November 3rd. That would be so fetch.”
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