Mac Miller being remembered on his 2nd Death Anniversary

Today is the occasion of ‘Happy Labor day’ and the world seems to be mourning on the death of Mac Miller, one of the most popular rappers of all times. His actual name was Malcolm James McCormick but he was popularly known as ‘Mac.’ He died on September 7, around 2 years ago. He is receiving a lot of life from his friends, peers and fan today. The late rapper seems to be missed by people all around. All are paying tribute in the honor of this late rapper and this is going on since morning on the social media platforms. Some of the popular figures who are playing tribute to him include Wale, Juicy J, Mustard and Souly Had.

Mac Miller died at 26 years of age due to drug overdose

It has been 2 years since the death of Mac Miller. This rapper has died at a very young age while he was just 26 years old. He passed away at the age of 26 on 7th September, 2018. His body was found at his home in the Studio City, CA. The death of this late rapper was reported due to drug overdose. A mixed drug toxicity comprising of cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl led to his accidental death. Souly Had did rightly say that Mac has left everyone full of inspiration and his works will be there in the hearts of his fans forever. He is indeed a prominent figure in the music industry. Stars, publications and musicians are all paying their tribute to Mac on the social media and this is evident that he is still in the hearts of his fans post 2 years after his death.
Mac Miller
Recently, G-eazy, the 31 year old rapper from California had posted a photo of himself along with Mac years ago on his page. The picture shows how the two have been enjoying pizza together. Mac was shot while he held his tongue out while holding the pizza box in his hand. E-Gazy wrote, “Miss you brother.” It has been quite a long time that he has died, but even today, his fans say that they have been spending the holiday on this Labors day while listening to his music compositions. His tragic death has startled everyone years ago, and we wish that no wonder where he is, he shall stay in peace forever!

Mac Miller’s struggle with substance abuse

Going through the lyrics of Mac Miller, it was quite evident that this young American rapper did struggle with substance abuse. Also, he had spoken about his depression and substance abuse in front of everyone quite a lot of times in different public forums. He died due to an accidental drug overdose. He made his debut in Pittsburgh’s hip hop scene in the year 2007 while he was around 15 years old. His debut studio album was Blue Slide Park in the year 2011 and other than that, he had come up with another album named as, Watching Movies with the Sound Off in the year 2013. Rest In Peace, Mac Miller!
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