Love, Victor Is A Cute Little Teeny Romance


    Love, Victor¬†Review: Hulu’s Feel-Good Sequel Series Plays It a Little Too¬†Safe

    The Pretext

    For all those who are clueless about it, its only been something more than 2 years since ‘Love, Simon’ released.

    It was a 2018 romantic comedy that utterly focused on gay romance. Nu-uh, absolutely not offensive and overdone, if you’re thinking.

    So if at all you’ve cherished ‘Love, Simon’, you are likely to enjoy ‘Love, Victor’ too. I’m pretty sure.

    It more or less follows the same narration but differs a little, given, there’s little to no inclusion of new ideas, per se.

    The movie will premiere on the 17th of June. It stars Michael Cimino as the title character.

    Michael is a teenager struggling with his sexuality as he adjusts to a new city and a new school.


    Nevertheless, it’s not mandatory for you to watch ‘Love, Simon’ in order to comprehend or feel this movie.

    Love, Victor very cheesily catches your attention right after Michael enters Creekwood High School and struggles therein.

    Victor narrates Simon, the story’s trailer, saying that his story is confusing. Some guys like guys. Some guys like girls. Some guys like both. But he is not even sure what he likes.

    However, rather than pulling every string of homosexuality and affection, it chooses to fidget between under presenting and misjudgement.


    I kind of had hoped this movie would have taken a few brazen jumps.

    Source- PinkNews

    I mean, although Love, Victor has this breezy charm to it, I still wished it stuck out more as a surprise than an ‘Oh, I knew this was coming!’

    Nevertheless, the movie is a pretty subtle watch, tightly sewn into an old fashioned hearty romance.

    And given the star cast’s undeniably powerful and convincing performances, I barely think this movie wouldn’t make much of an impact in itself.

    Let us know how you liked it! *winks*

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