LeBron James congratulates and praises Leah Still for being five years cancer-free after a close to death fight.


Who is Leah Still:

Leah Still is the daughter of Devon Still who was a great former American footballer. At just 4 years of age, she was detected with the 4th Stage of Neuroblastoma also known as brain cancer. It is a very rare disease that occasionally occurs in young children. She was detected in June month of 2014 when her father Devon was signed for NFL season. Leah got benefitted due to the NFL insurance and her journey of fighting with cancer in that duration was heart-warming. Leah is 10 years old now and she is living completely cancer-free now.

LeBron James, the renowned player of Lakers congratulated the 10 years old for her success story of being cancer-free in a video. In the video message, he commented that Leah Still is the most strong woman he has encountered till now, and the far she has come after her recovery is just marvelous. After crossing 5 years of a milestone as a cancer-free person she has achieved a life goal. And LeBron would like to be always there for her because she will always one of his favorites.

Little History behind such profound relation:

Lebron James met Leah and her father in 2016 before the Cavaliers game. And soon after he became a fan of the young girl and has supported Leah’s family throughout her battle till now.

Even Devon Still as a father has done everything he could to save her daughter from the deadly disease. He took the chance and sign-in for the matches so that health insurance can get through whenever needed. He has retired in 2017.

Back to Now:

Last Saturday, on ESPN, Leah Still’s story was shown for one hour in the “V for Victory” cover story for the support of the cancer research foundation. There is an inspirational book also on Leah Still by the name “I am Leah Strong”.

To conclude out of her story is like “If she can do it, you can always do it”:

We should never lose our hopes in God and Godly figures like LeBron. There is always someone to pray for us, maybe that will change the entire course of your life. A 4-year-old girl can survive a deadly disease like cancer, at such a nascent age she can fight, we could always then.

For more such heart-warming news, stay tuned with us and stay safe at home.

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