KC Chiefs Defeated Baltimore Ravens by 34-20, as Patrick Mahomes Became the Hero of the Game


As the quarterback of Baltimore ravens Lamar Jackson jumped off from the filed on Monday night after NFL’s so called game of the year turned into a lamest joke. Patrick Mahomes was waiting at the corner of M&T stadium just to explain to the national television audience about what have gone right once again.

Baltimore Ravens

Kansas city have made what they are meant to do in the prime time; and the result is already here in front of everyone. Kansas City- 34 and Ravens- 20. This would not sound shocking because KC Chiefs is well known as defending champions while they have the best skilled right arm, talented defense and a supportive coaching staff. But there’s a question still remaining; was not is supposed to be the Raven’s game last night?

Ravens have their own matchmaking defense, most valuable players and well reupdated coaching staff but still for the third consecutive year they are not able to find out the answer. Even in this year they looked more confused while being in the field. Mahomes  threw a 385 yards and 4 touchdown at 31 for the passing of 42 which led Kansas city by 517 yards, nearly double of Raven’s output.

 Jackson who would have joked by saying that he always hated playing Mahomes. Last night it looked like they have played a game once again altogether.

Everything About Chiefs vs. Ravens Match

In this particular game, two best teams of the football world has been featured last night where Kansas City has dominated the Monday match up. While Baltimore Ravens have experienced their first ever loss in 2020 session. A dominated first half of the game has gone to the second one where chiefs made a neck to neck lead and secured a 3-0 start, heading towards the week four.

Now only the time can say if the Kansas City can keep their unbelievable momentum in rest of the season. But after beating Ravens by a bigger margin they have proved that they picked up themselves form where they have left in the last season and it looks like they are going to give a legitimate performances in the upcoming seasons.

Maybe this game have included 14 points but this kind of win gave immense confidence to the Kansas city at the very of the third week. There is no doubt that Baltimore was a wothy opponent to compete but after reaching to the first quarter, they did not even maneuver their skills and make the game bit more interesting.

One more important fact that gets disappeared in this joy of win is, how outstanding Kansas City have stood against the dignified Ravens. Their game against Los Angeles Chargers have made the way to a close call, left some fans doubting about if they could  keep this form in the third week too. But their overwhelming performance against the Ravens left all the critics mouth opened.

Both fullback and left tackle was getting touchdowns in the same game and for the same team. Andy Reid not only managed to perform the herculean feat but also stacked three receivers vertically in a different formation.


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