Kanye West takes swipe at Taylor Swift as he finds a giant snake on his ranch


    On the night of August 14, 2020, Rapper Kanye West posted a tweet that has some sly reference to his fight over his song Famous with Pop Star Taylor Swift in 2016. He tweeting like he is back in 2016. Continue scrolling to find more!

    Kanye West shades Taylor Swift in his Twitter Tirade

    On Friday night, Kanye West was posting tweets about a weird range of topics. He talked about his daughter and a few music-related post. But after tweeting about Guns ‘N Roses and Nirvana, he shared something that made Taylor Swift’s fans furious.


    The cryptic message on his post was indirectly aiming at Swift. The pictures looked like a long silver sheer were holding a snake down by its neck. It seemed like it was ready to cut off the head of the snake. He discovered this giant snake around his Wyoming ranch while he was vacationing with his family.


    So he revealed that he discovered a giant snake, and uploaded the picture with a caption. He wrote on his tweet that he won’t use snake emojis because the fans know the reason. He also added that he isn’t sure if Christians are allowed to use snake emojis. You can read the tweet below.

    What is the relation of snakes with Taylor Swift?

    There was a long feud between Swift and Kanye over his song Famous. Taylor said that West had not approached her before the release of the song. Kim Kardashian released a video to the fans where both singers were talking about the song in advance.

    After that Taylor was called a snake by the people. Her social media accounts were bombarded with snake emojis.

    Later on, she disputed the context of the video and released a single Look What You Made Me Do in 2017. In the video, she capitalized on a snake. She also deleted all her pics on Instagram and shared cryptic videos of snakes, which were directly hinting towards her new album.

    In the music video, she was seen with snakes, and the lyrics were powerful enough to answer her enemies. You can watch the music video below.



    Coming back to the present, it seems like the rapper wants to reignite his long-running fight with the superstar Taylor. All the fans are convinced that he was calling out Taylor a snake.

    Also, their fans believe that the pair have been picking on each other again for the past few weeks.


    Many users responded to the tweet to the reference of the singer, some made memes while others were defending the Reputation singer. Fans can see the tension in the air, and they are expecting another feud in the future.

    Recently, Taylor shocked her fans by launching her new album called folklore. She released on the same day as Kanye’s new music launch.

    West was teasing to release his album titled Donda on July 24, but it never happened. He aborted the launch, when Taylor declared on July 23, that she would be dropping her new album. Many users criticized her for releasing Folklore within a short notice.


    We don’t know when their fight will end, but we do know that Taylor’s strong fans will always stand by her side. If you haven’t watched her recent songs from her new album, then head to YouTube and check it out now.

    Till then, we will keep you posted with the latest news about her and Kanye West.

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