John Lennon, TikTok on his 80th Birth Anniversary

    John Lennon who was assassinated back in the year 1980 would have turned 80 this year, had he been alive. He was born on 9th of October in Beatles and recently, TikTok has partnered with John Lennon estate in order to bring those classic songs back to the creators all over again. Both TikTok along side John Lennon estate seem to be celebrating the 80th birth anniversary of this late singer.
    John Lennon
    TikTok ensured the fact that it would give an access to the creators to make their videos on his popular songs. Some of his best creations that are currently available on the platform include Imagine, Mind Games, Woman, Beautiful Boy, Instant Karma (We all shine on), Stand By Me, Nobody Told Me, Happy Xmas (War is over), Gimme some truth and Remember. Besides, the platform, TikTok has also got a dedicated John Lennon account which has got over 23,000 followers. The first video that was posted on this account was in the month of September.

    TikTok partnered with John Lennon Estate (alongside Universal Music)

    Corey Sheridan, the head of the TikTok’s music partnerships and content operations said, “We are absolutely thrilled and honored to bring John Lennon’s music to a new generation, and are eager to see how the TikTok community will be inspired to create to the sounds of Lennon’s repertoire.” He further added, “Lennon’s timeless lyrics are as relevant now as when they were written.” TikTok has earlier partnered with the Prince Estate back in June so as to bring the catalog of songs of the singer over the application and now, the partnership with the Lennon’s estate is the latest deal to partner with TikTok. It is the very first time when the Prince Estate had partnered with a short form video application. The Prince’s songs were not particularly taken off on the application though! Besides, none of those sings could achieve viral successes on the platform that many other did, from various other artists. Now, this is going to be an attempt of TikTok to see if the Lennon’s songs are going to catch up the attention of the younger generations.

    Musical icon, John Lennon receiving tributes from all across the world

    It is on the 80th birth anniversary of John Lennon that different other artists are wishing him, and paying tribute for his contributions to the music industry. Indeed, he was a musical icon and it would have been 80th birth anniversary today. Whatsoever, everyone seems to be remembering him all over again once more on this day. Paul McCartney, who happened to be one of the close friends of John Lennon had shared their old picture on the social media.
    John Lennon
    This throwback picture depicts the rock solid bond that they used to share at the time of working for the band, Beatles. Paul McCartney, the famous co-lead vocalist and bassist shared this on his Instagram account with the caption as if he is talking to John directly. The caption of the picture that he shared read, “Happy 80th John, Love Paul.” The post received a lot of applause with everyone commenting on it with heart emojis.
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