Is hatred of RB Leipzig justified or are they a breath of fresh air?


As we all know RB Leipzig is quite a new team sponsored by Red Bull. which is making much of fuss in recent times.

While other great teams are finding it difficult to play well in the recent matches after the restart. 

As per the coach Julian Nagelsmann, RB Leipzig, All other big team has very experienced players but the other surprising fact is anything can happen in just one game, leave alone the entire league matches.

The highs and lows seen in just last four days on the field have taught us that the crumpled Champions League of this year is more of a battle of nerves.

The past 8 competitions were definitely very stressful for all the teams associated with them, but this new-bee under-dogs RB Leipzig, the World Cup of Europe has served them as an advantage. And they have become an example as such a team who had little to no Champions League experience but still relishing the mini-tournament fully.

Is hatred of RB Leipzig justified or are they a breath of fresh air?

The gaming format of these mini-tournaments has to change so much that it looks like Twenty20 equivalent now due to the worldwide pandemic restrictions on everything.

However, it has many positive effects like bringing back the focus on the play-manager relationships, like what we have seen exceptionally well last Friday night in  Bayern’s Munich when they charged over Barcelona with full force and won the match by 8-2.

Can you believe it, Barcelona losing by 6 goals?

Only the best of best clear-minded teams are winning in this short season and watching mammoth teams going down is a delight in itself as a spectator.

To Conclude: So it seems to be a fresh air of breath when we see the formation of RB Leipzig team and the accolade they are getting in a fresh format of matches for the everchanging world due to the coronavirus breakout but on the contrary, we can’t just ignore the rise of hatred of other well-established clubs towards this rising star.

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