IPL 2020 called off: Novak Djokovic Covid 19 positive

Arun Dhumal, the BCCI treasurer has recently called a conversation with Jay Shah, the board secretary regarding the IPL 2020 being called off. The 2020 edition of the IPL that was hosted by the Board of Control for Cricket in India in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ensured that the fans were treated to high quality cricket action while ensuring the fact that the board was able to navigate the financial hardships during the ongoing challenges throughout the year. There were several moments in the tournament that got postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and that’s when it felt that it wasn’t supposed to happen at all. One of the scenarios was when the Tennis star, Novak Djokovic was tested Covid 19 positive while he has been playing a couple of exhibition matches in that of Serbia and Croatia.
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Dhamal told in a public release, “After that report (about Djokovic testing positive) came in, we were in two minds. Many people told us to not go ahead with it (IPL).” He also added, “What if something happens to a player? The IPL would go on for almost three months. However, Jay said we should go ahead, he was more confident than all of us.”

BCCI conducting IPL 2020: Earned a staggering income

As per the sources, the BCCI has earned a huge sum of money by conducting the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. It did earn an income of ₹ 4000 crore. It was back then in March 2020 that the outbreak of Covid 19 forced The Board of Control for Cricket in India, the BCCI to postpone the Indian Premier League or the IPL 2020 for a month’s span. The league then got postponed for an indefinite span of time which got into the media by the month of April. This further raised a doubt among one and all that whether the BCCI is going to stage IPL at all or not. It was only for the first time in the history that the complete edition of the tournament was played out of India and this event did occur happen for the first time only after a decade. It was only in the month of July that the board confirmed the fact that the tournament is going to be held in UAE.

BCCI treasurer revealing the money made from IPL at the time of the pandemic

Finally, the IPL franchises sent their players to the United Arab Emirates in the month of August and the tournament took place successfully on 10th of November when the Mumbai Indians defeated the Delhi Capitals in order to lift the trophy for the fifth time. The BCCI staged the IPL successfully and it earned ₹4000 crore from that! The tournament has even drawn a record viewership. In a recent conversation with the media, Arun Dhumal who is the treasurer of BCCI talked about the success of IPL 2020 wherein he shared the amount that BCCI did earn at the time of the pandemic.

Dhumal’s statement on the BCCI during the Covid 19 situation

Dhumal went on to reveal that the board has also conducted more than 30,000 Covid 19 tests and thus, the conduction of IPL went smooth with the involvement of more than 1500 people. Dhamal said, “The Board managed to cut nearly 35 per cent of the cost as compared to the last IPL. We earned Rs 4,000 crore during the pandemic time. Our TV viewership went about 25 per cent higher, we got the highest-ever opening game (Mumbai Indians versus Chennai Super Kings) viewership. Those who doubted us came and thanked us for hosting the IPL. Had this IPL not happened, cricketers would have lost one year.”
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