iOS 14 update: Apple’s game changing privacy features

Here’s a good news for all of you who have been waiting for the Apple’s iOS 14 update which got its release after quite a long time of waiting. It comes with a bunch of game changing features, all meant to accelerate your security concerns and to make sure that your privacy issues are taken care of! Certainly, the iOS 13 have had taken a note of all your privacy deals, but this iOS 14 is a step ahead of it. The iOS 14 comes with some of the top notch specs that I am going to list right here!

iOS 14 update: Location privacy, easy controlling features

Certainly, the iOS 13 had a location privacy onslaught, but the iOS 14 has now come up with a new feature, wherein it allows you to provide the approximate location to the apps that need to track your location in order to function properly. You can easily enable it by going to the Settings icon and then directing yourself to Privacy and then set your location privacy right from there.
ios 14 update
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There will be basically three different arrows showing you different scenarios in iOS 14. You shall find a hollow arrow which depicts that the item will receive your location only under certain conditions. The next scenario resembles a purple arrow which means that the item has already used your location and them in the third case, you will find a grey arrow which shows that the app has already accessed your location in the last 24 hours. As soon as you open the app, you will be able to find an option which will eventually allow you a location access. You can use it to know how the app uses your data if you allow the location access.
ios 14
You will also find a toggle appearing right before you on the screen, saying, “Precise location.” If you put this setting off, you may allow the app only to determine your approximate location, and not the exact one. Hence, it is up to you, and definitely, this will make sure that you are done with your requirement from the app without any interruption and that too, not bothering about compromising on your privacy aspects by any condition.

iOS 14 update comes with more security features

Apple has recently improved its privacy on the App Store wherein it has added a new feature through which you can check about all those apps that have used any of your data recently. There is also a new recording indicator light, which shows up with an orange dot on your iPhone. This shows if any of your apps have recently used your device’s camera or microphone. You can even get to track it from the Control Center itself. Last but not the least, iOS 14 is a lot more secure than the previous versions of it. Also, it is absolutely handy and you can use it at ease, thereby addressing all your privacy issues at the same time.
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