International Dog Day: History, Date And Ways of celebration

Are you a dog lover? Well, certainly dogs are the most faithful of all animals. We all love to pet dogs at our homes, but do we ever take a pause and try to look around the inhuman behaviour that we often do at them? In order to draw your kind attention towards such a major concern, August 26 each year is marked as the International Dog day. This day is solely meant to encourage adoption of dogs who are often ignored and bullied around the world. No matter whether it is your favorite pug or labrador that you have kept at your home, or a stray dog, each of them deserves respect, and that’s what is the motto of this celebration.
international dog day

When did International Dog day came into light?

It was until the year 2004 when International Dog day came into existence as the National Dog day in the US. This practice was at first implemented by Colleen Paige, the pet and family lifestyle expert.

Is this day meant for all breeds of dogs?

When we say ‘dog’ we mean all varieties of dogs, no matter which breed it is!

What is the sole purpose of observing an International Dog Day?

The sole purpose of International Dog day is to restrict the commercialization of this dog. Dogs are faithful and loyal beings, who are either left to be ignored, or are shopped. Hence, this day is dedicated to draw the attention of people so that they do not shop them for just no reason, but rather adopt them. They deserve love, and that’s what you should be showering them with!

Is there any significance of choosing 26th of August as International Dog Day?

As we earlier said that Paige brought this day under practice, she chose particularly this day for it’s when her family has adopted their first ever dog, “Sheltie.” They brought Sheltie from an animal shelter.

What are some of the innovative ways of celebrating International Dog Day?

This day is specifically meant to trigger your thoughts towards the well-being of this canine friend of yours! It’s when you should teach your kids to love dogs, and thus, take enough care of them. You can take out some time from your busy schedule and visit any local dog home to spend some time with them. As an individual, you can even make a donation to these dog shelters. One can volunteer with other organizations and help them in their task of these cute canines. Also, you may think of helping out the stray dogs by feeding them or taking enough care of them. Also, if you are planning to pet a pup any time sooner, this day is probably going to be the best day to start with!
Nevertheless, when you save a dog, you save a life! Make sure that you practice it, and preach the same to others! It is high time that we stop animal abuse, and take enough care of them.

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