In 70th Anniversary Grand Prix practice, Hamilton is all set to pace.


Just to begin with a high note, you should know that Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton was the fastest driver in the practice for 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

It was on 7th August Friday at Silverstone, England. Hamilton drives the Formula 1 racing car Mercedes AMG Petronas. He also has crowned 6 times world champion for Formula 1.

As expected by seeing the reviews of the practice session, we were sure that Hamilton is all set to pace the 70th Anniversary of GP.

The practice sessions:

In the second practice season, Hamilton was able to beat his another Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas by 0.176 seconds and 0.815 faster than the non-Mercedes car Renault whose driver was Daniel Ricciardo who stood third.

But the racing session was soon stopped as Antonio Giovinazzi’s Ferrari stopped due to some reasons. Even From Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari fluid started flowing when there were only 5 minutes remaining to the end of the session. It seems that he has even damaged the floor as well while driving over the curbs.

Vettel was able to stand 14th in that session as it turned out to be difficult to drive with his Ferrari’s situation. With the damaged floor it seemed impossible to continue with the session and safety cars were brought in the track.

In the first session of practice, Valtteri Bottas was able to beat Lewis Hamilton by 0.138 seconds. Max Verstappen has stood third fastest with his Red Bull and Nico Hulkenberg was in the fourth position for Racing point. Racing point’s one driver was tested positive for coronavirus because of which Nico was there as a replacement in that position.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the race took place in Silverstone. The 1st race in Silverstone was in 1950 and 2nd is in 2020 – Just after 50 Short Years, I am being sarcastic a bit. 

After the start of Formula One racing, this was the 1st time that the calendar of F1 racing has been reshaped.

And Lewis Hamilton is not ready to lose anything at all costs. Being in the 2nd position in the 1st session of practice, he commented that Valtarri did a fantastic job and he was just a bit too quick. But in the race, Hamilton will try every possibility to win the race.

Its really quite a game spirit, shown by Hamilton during the practice with a damaged car floor, Now it will be really interesting to see, what’s gonna happen in all upcoming races… The racing season has just begun.

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