Hydroxychloroquine: May not reduce the risks of Covid 19 

Hydroxychloroquine which was also sold under the brand name of Plaquenil did gain quite a lot of fame in the initial days of the pandemic. However, recent studies say that it was completely of myth and it does have quite a lot of side effects, as well as it can prove to be fatal for several patients in case of an overdose or any other health complication. The view of the World Health Organization regarding this drug has changed a lot over the time, and people need to be extra conscious before using it further. Investigations are still going on about the use of this drug and prophylaxis of Covid 19, while alerts are issued in this regard being stated that hydroxychloroquine can pose serious effects if not used with proper knowledge and dosage provisions as it tends to vary based on the severity of the case and different safety measures are to be taken prior to the drug intake. This is to ensure avoiding retinopathy and permanent vision loss.
Hydroxychloroquine was regarded as a very effective treatment for covid-19 and was promoted highly even by the US President Donald Trump. It was recognized as a clinical benefit to prevent infection against the corona virus. They were also approved as effective treatments in the US for lupus, malaria, and even for rheumatoid arthritis. However, recent studies came out claiming that this drug is not that powerful and cannot reduce the risks imposed by this pandemic.

Research reports published pertaining to Hydroxychloroquine

This placebo-controlled research work was led to evaluate based on a regimen that lasted for a span of eight weeks in 132 hospitals in Pennsylvania. The health care workers who were exposed to the covid 19 were given with this drug and it proved that the Hydroxychloroquine did not reduce the effect of SARS CoV-2 infection. It was pretty much evidence that the presence of hydroxychloroquine did not benefit the covid 19 patients in any way.

Hydroxychloroquine is not going to work for people with RMDs as a treatment for Covid 19

Hydroxychloroquine is being said to offer no solutions to people suffering from RMDs or the ones with Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal diseases. Therefore, the people who are already having arthritis or are suffering due to such severe bone related troubles cannot expect to avail any kind of benefit from this drug. According to the researchers, Hydroxychloroquine will have no positive treatment for these people . Recently, a professor of cardiology in Israel mentioned that the treatment with hydroxychloroquine on its sister concern, chloroquine rather increases the rates of several cardiovascular events that include arrhythmias, HF and QT prolongation. Besides, the FDA has also issued a warning alert for the patients and healthcare professionals to avoid using this particular drug outside the hospitals or without the consultation of a medical practitioner for that may lead to heart related adverse effects and sometimes, death.
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