Hurricane Delta expected to threaten the Gulf Coast this week

Recently, the National Hurricane Center has upgraded a tropical depression to the Tropical storm named as the “Hurricane Delta.” The center says that there is a major risk of dangerous storm surge and rainfall that will be prevailing along the coast from Louisiana to that of the Western Florida panhandle. It is going to be the 25th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season of 2020. Let’s hear about it in brief. Well, Hurricane Delta is actually formed in the Caribbean Sea during the night time back on Monday. It is supposed to lash the Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and then will strike the Gulf Coast later this week. The storm was original tropical depression on Monday morning and then eat Rose up to become a hurricane by the evening of the day. The storm was basically 165 miles southeast of Grand Cayman as reported, by 2 AM on Tuesday. Hurricane Delta will probably reach the Gulf Coast in the form of a powerful Hurricane by Friday.
hurricane delta
The Hurricane center had said, “Additional rapid strengthening is expected during the next day or so, and Delta is expected to be a major hurricane when it nears the Yucatan Peninsula,” “risk of dangerous storm surge, wind and rainfall hazards along the coast from Louisiana to the western Florida Panhandle.” The senior meteorologist of AccuWeather, Randy Adkins further reported, “residents across the Gulf Coast from southeast Texas to Florida” should be prepared for the storm to make landfall¬†“at the end of the week or early next weekend.”

Hurricane Delta being the 10th storm to hit the United States

As per the weather experts and meteorologists, it is being said that Delta would probably hit the 10th named storm to hit the United States, provided that it makes landfall. It is going to make an all-time record of 2020 by being the earliest 25th named storm in the Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane Delta establish a wind of 85 mph early on Tuesday and then it has been moving approximately at 7 mph. It is probably going to approach the western Cuba on Tuesday by the afternoon or evening before it does move into the Gulf by Wednesday.
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