House of representative to return early, over USPS issues – Democratic leadership in discussion


On an emergency call late Saturday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn along with other top Democrats discussed the possibility of bringing House of Representatives back into the session as early as next week. The majority is in favor of bringing the house back over the United States Postal Service (USPS) issues, although no final decision has been made as yet.

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic majority of the Americans are expected to vote through mail-in for the presidential elections in November. Although USPS has repeatedly reassured that they will be able to handle the bulk mail-in ballots, but not everyone seems to be convinced with the assurance.

Recently USPS has also sent letters to all states warning them that slow down in delivery could results in ballots getting delivered late and then not getting counted. Reportedly USPS has removed letter collection boxes from New York, Oregon, Montana, and Indiana. Rod Spurgeon a spokesperson for USPS’ western region has mentioned that postal employees will stop removing the letter collection boxes until the elections are over.


However, as of now, he failed to confirm if they would return the removed boxes to their original locations or not.

With such ongoing situation House has been criticized for not returning from recess to address the ongoing postal issue. Especially after the removal of letter collection boxes, Democrats including the presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden have been heavily criticized.

A letter asking the confirmation and justification for the removal of letter collection boxes has been sent to Postmaster General Louis Dejoy by Montana Democrat, Senator Jon Tester.

Around eight Democratic lawmakers and Massachusetts Democrat, Sen. Elizabeth Warren have requested an inquiry to be launched to investigate the nationwide policy changes made by Dejoy and whether all ethical requirements have been met by him or not.

As per Dejoy and USPS both, he has followed all ethical requirements however his financial records don’t suggest the same. He currently owns about $30 million equity stakes in his former company which is also a USPS contractor and at the same time, he has even bought the stock options for Amazon which apparently is a competitor to USPS. Such transactions are likely to create dissension of ethics and interest.


Although the chamber is on recess currently as there were no votes scheduled until September 14 however considering the current issues House may return into the session in the next two weeks in order to handle the unexpected setback. On their, return House is expected to look at preventing

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