Hollywood still doesn’t know what to do with the ‘Star Trek’ movie franchise


    Recently, a new report reveals Paramount is still figuring out what to do with the Star Trek film franchise after their latest attempts to create the sequel was put on hold. Keep reading to find out more about the topic.

    Fans are upset with Paramount for choosing wrong directors for the film

    Paramount film chief Emma Watts doesn’t know what to do with the film franchise after their numerous attempts were put on hold. First TV writer/producer Noah Hawley was given a choice to recreate a new film of the popular Star Trek franchise. In his story ideas, he needed a new cast and the plot involved a deadly virus in the film. So Paramount has decided to change the director.

    Before the film was given in the hands of Hawley, there were some plans to produce a sequel starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Chris Hemsworth as Captain Kirk’s dad. The film was going to be directed by S.J. Clarkson, the first female director in the entirety of Star Trek franchise. However, the film idea wasn’t good enough, and it was closed. Then, Paramount went to Quentin Tarantino along with Mark L. Smith, The Revenant screenwriter, to take over the scripts.

    There were numerous speculations about Quentin’s film, where he and Mark were planning to create an idea based on the classic Star Trek episode “A Piece of the Action.” So basically, they were working on developing an adult gangster crime disguised as Star Trek. Fans were very angry at the weird choice of Paramount.

    We know why they are unable to get a new movie idea off the ground. The main problem of Paramount is that it always hires filmmakers, who are least interested or don’t understand or appreciate the Star Trek franchise. For example, J.J. Abrams openly stated that he didn’t like the franchise and altered the premise and cast to make it a blockbuster film.

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    If we look at the original Star Trek films, it has gained a weird spot in the Hollywood industry, where the franchise stars aging casts in a medium budget film. The characters in these films are mostly nerdy, sentimental, and comedic. Besides, instead of using flashy action sequences, they focus on the character’s relationships and development. Their films also vary in tone, which isn’t much popular among the brand-conscious Hollywood executives.

    They lack in great writing and a solid understanding of the film. In the past, their various vintage Star Trek films like The Wrath of Khan, The Undiscovered Country, and The Voyage Home were a great hit that had the best actors and better special effects. But now, their films are lacking in that part. All the recent ideas of Paramount were not so good. J.J. Abrams wanted to turn Star Trek into an action film, whereas Noah Hawley tried to change it into a weird movie. Some fans are now hoping for a new cast along with Chris Pine as Kirk to explore new horizons in the new film. The Star Trek is more about humanity, not some gangster action film.


    Rather than using the same old ideas from the past, Paramount is now determined to create a new Star Trek film that lines up with other Hollywood blockbuster movies. Moreover, these films don’t have to compete with Fast and Furious or Star Wars, it just needs to be remembered for what it is, and stand out from other action/comedy series films in Hollywood.

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