Harrow Season 3: All the Recent Development on Release and Plot !!


    It has been a year since the Harrow series premiered on ABC network. This Australian Television Drama has gained a lot of good reviews from the audience and critics. It is mostly praised for its medical drama, mystery, and the combination of puzzle thrill. The show is written and directed by Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath.

    Now, Harrow fans are eagerly waiting for season 3. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the topic. We have collected all the information such as plot, cast, and release date related to the upcoming season below.

    When will ABC Network drop Harrow Season 3?

    The thriller series debuted on March 9, 2018, on ABC network. After a year, the creators renewed and released the second season on May 12, 2019. It’s more than a year since its previous season released, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next season. And now, fans are hoping for the new season this year.

    But sadly, we haven’t heard any official announcement about the renewal of season 3. So it may take some more time to get produced and released on the ABC network.

    If we look at the release pattern of the first and second season, then we can see a one year gap. If the creators give green light to the third season, then it might take one year to complete the production. It might take a year or two for them to release it on the program. So once the production begins we can anticipate a launch date for the new season.

    Harrow Season 3: All the Recent Development on Release and Plot !!

    Who will return in the Harrow Season 3?

    Fans are wondering who will return in season 3 of Harrow. According to the sources, all the main cast will reprise the roles. We can expect Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Daniel Harrow, Remy Hii as Simon Van Reyk, Darren Gilshenan as Lyle Fairley, Ella Newton as Fern Harrow, Damien Garvey as Bryan Nichols, Tony Barry as Jack Twine, Anna Lise Phillips as Stephanie Tolson, Mirrah Foulkes as Sergeant SoroyaDass, and many more.

    What is the expected Storyline of Harrow Season 3?

    If you want to know what will happen in the upcoming season, then we have the plot details for you. When the previous season ended, fans were left with numerous questions. A young man who claimed himself as the son of Daniel was discovered dead in season 2. Whether he is his son or not, will be revealed in the next season. Also, fans will see Harrow trapped in the world of crime.

    His family will be at a huge risk. Will he save them in the next season? Till what limit can he go to protect them? All these questions will surely be answered in season 3. For now, you will have to wait for the official announcement about the release date and plot from the showrunners. You can watch the trailer for season 2 below, and revise the show before the third part releases on the ABC network.


    Harrow series is filled with suspense, and we are very sure that creators will bring back the new season soon with more thrill for their fans. So stay tuned for more updates.

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