Hannah Ferrier Stands by Her Assertion She Was Taking Advil on the Boat


    Recently, fans expressed their suspicion that Hannah Ferrier is taking drugs, but she clearly stated in the return that she was taking Advil. She is pushing back all the accusations, which say that she was taking Valium.

    Hannah Ferrier from ‘Below Deck Med’ state she was taking Advil

    Hannah Ferrier

    This season on Below Deck Med, the production filmed Ferrier taking medications on several occasions. She was taped popping pills in her cabin at the end of a shift at night. It is her first time, as she has never taken medication in her previous seasons.

    However, this season’s teaser revealed Captain Sandy Yawn confronting a crew member about carrying drugs on board. Since then, fans started questioning what was going on. And they directly assumed that Ferrier was taking more than Advil.

    Ferrier was also seen joking with third stew Jessica More about taking valium would help to relieve the stress. Fans became angrier to what she said. More was wearing a cute bathrobe to which Ferrier commented that she liked her dressing gown. More replied that she likes wearing it, which makes her believe she’s not working on a boat.

    Ferrier ignored her response and stated ‘so does valium.’ Later on, Captain Sandy Yawn pulled Ferrier aside and said she felt off and not herself. Yawn also asked if she was feeling alright. Ferrier admitted that she was tired. Now, she also cleared the air by sharing on both Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and on social media, she was having Advil for swollen feet.

    Hannah Ferrier shares proof in her tweet

    Recently, Hannah was shaking due to her panic attack and shared that she was not taking valium. On Twitter, she wrote that she was shaking because of anxiety. If she was on valium, she wouldn’t be shaking like that. She also wrote that she was lucky that Josh (boyfriend) was just a call away or else she would have lost her mind.

    Some fans were still questioning her while some took her side. They also responded to the tweeted threat that production is doing this deliberately to make her look bad on TV. You can read some tweets below.





    It is bad to judge someone without knowing the entire story. Since Hannah has revealed about her panic attacks, she is receiving more love from across the globe. And the crew indeed has to run up and down the stairs and all over the boat. Anybody would take medication to relieve their pain. We will keep you posted with more news about the show.

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