Google Web Stories Carousel is newly up: All that you need to know about this specification

Google has recently announced that it is going to have a dedicated Google web stories carousel within its Discover feed from now on wards. This particular feature is going to be available to users across the US, Brazil and India too. The news publishers will now be eligible to create their own stories by using this free thing that is available for anyone and everyone of them at free of cost, and now they will be allowed to monetize their posts too! Google Web Stories basically appear in the “Stories” format only and it is quite similar to the ones that you use on the most other apps as well.
google web stories
Being a news publisher, you can now get started with your Google Web Stories simply by visiting the You may also choose to include the Web Stories Editor feature.

Google Web Stories feature now available on the open Web

Tracing back to the history, Google had actually launched this feature of Google Web Stories which was earlier known as the AMP stories back in the year 2018. This feature was quite similar to the one which is used in the Snapchat or in the Instagram stories. However, the only difference is that you can now avail all of these contents right on the open Web instead of just having to see the contents through any particular restricted app. Google had further explained the requirement of its format by saying that it has introduced this particular feature for: “On mobile devices, users browse lots of articles, but engage with few in-depth. Images, videos, and graphics help get readers’ attention as quickly as possible and keep them engaged through immersive and easily consumable visual information.”

Get familiar with Google Web Stories feature

If you are new to this Google Web Stories feature and is not much familiar with the stories feature of Google, let me brief you about it in detail. Well, the stories are basically divided in the form of cards and one can easily tap on the right side of the card so as to move forward. You may also move to the left to go back. You can access different information in just a single tap, and you can even add text, animations and use full screen videos along with plenty more. The basic idea of this format is that it looks quite similar to the one that we use in case of other applications. The web version is absolutely simply and easy to use. Also, Google particularly recommends the users to use captions rather than speech and get vertical videos instead of the horizontal ones. Also, it says the users to use 30 words on a single page which remains easy for the users to read on the go!

Google Web Stories: Available to anyone and everyone

Google Web Stories are going to offer you a full screen experience such that it is going to focus on animations, visual narratives, as well as in different tappable interactions. If you are really looking forward to be a part of the Open Web, you can use it as well as choose to share or embed it. You will not have to bother about having to use any kind of specific app for the same. Since Google is making Google Web Stories available on the Open Web, one can easily track and measure it using any tool that a publisher usually uses for counting other pages. One can even fetch these stories through Google Images and Google Search. Google has even made an official declaration regarding the fact that these web Stories will now be available across Google Search as well as on Google Discover. Stay tuned to hear more updates as they come on Google Web Stories, and we shall keep you posted about the same.
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